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Monday, November 28, 2005

Wow, an influx

Suddenly we have a wealth of photos to post.

I take no credit, as I have not taken a single one of the following
photos, but I managed to swipe them from somewhere, so I am proud.
So yesterday we went to Shizuoka to Associa Hotel where we bombed out
for a long day of recording. Among our activities of that day were
watching television on a big swivel TV, lounging on a double bed,
napping, reading (I had like 4 hours of word and 2 hours of english
literature), recording and watching other people record. Really, these
latter two were a minimal part of the day.
We recorded characters' voices for an RPG game for playstation 2. I
had the most assorted bunch of roles. I read this six "dear diary"
letter from a 16 year-old prom-goer to her secret-slash-nonexistant
prince charming ("of course you're...very handsome...smart and
sensitive...right?" and "I have a beautiful dress for the
prom...it's...red...and...strapless. I think I look very sexy in it".)
Oh it was so hard. Elaina got to watch this utter embarassment of
Next I was a flight attendant. I was proud of my voice being all sexy
and seductive when the mixing engineer decides to show me the picture
of the woman that I am, laughing and laughing. Apparently they thought
it was some kind of pun to have an ugly flight attendant with a sexy
voice. (And my pain would not be complete without a huge wart-topped
nose). Next we travelled to a store clerk with a british accent, then
we're a bunch of strange people in a bar, a bunch of kids playing
basketball, some kind of vendor at a flea market, and so on.
Elaina got to play this divorcee mother who's still stuck in
high-school lingo ("It's like, totally cool to meet you!") That was
fun to watch for a little while.
Anyway, then we had lots of food (KFC for lunch and an expensive All
you can eat restaurant in the hotel)...and then we went home and
watched Revenge of the Sith. We finished at 2:00 in the morning, and
stayed around in the dining room talking about old times (Steve, Rick,
Dan and I) until 4.

Alright, alright, here are some pictures.

Whoa, somebody forgot to take off their GLASSES...

And a group shot (about half of us foreigners) with the producer, director, mixing engineer...etc... (left2right, me, rick, steve, and Mom)

A Hard Life in Shimada

So we had sort of a mediocre witnessing day shop to shop in Shimada the other day...got a subscription though!
We got some groovy snapshots of the place, because it's really quite a charming town.
Except the smell. All the while we were joyfully working away for Jesus...there was this stench. Warmed honey and toilet I think best describes it. Anyhow, when we sat down to take a break and snap a few pics, we discovered the source. Deceptive little pretties. I guess the "Beautify Shimada" campaign came with its own pungent price.

Detective and Culprit

Someone's getting served.

Here's one picturesque storefront mural we passed...sad, soggy, naked men...

...lugging kimono-clad ladies(?)...

...of somewhat questionable gender
You know, I think the merchants of Shimada have some unique tastes when it comes to advertising.

I am beri much riking pachinko!

Window display of a pachinko parlour.
Looks like they've got their customers pegged, eh?
Man, they didn't even bother to give him eyeballs. Or pants for that matter.
Wonder how the patrons of that place feel about this characterization...

I think this speaks for itself.

A wholesome store mascot.
I have no clever jokes to make about this. Be my guests, everyone.

It's time to fry the rollipolli

Harro everyone.
Fine day for shagging isn't it?

Saturday, November 26, 2005


El and I just discovered that you can post via e-mail.
El is excited because she likes little secrets.
Idiots, if you can access your e-mail then you can access blogger too.
So what's the point?

WHOA okay Elaina's giving me an earful.
She says bloggers "thing" for writing is broken. It's screwed up and
ugly and not inspirational.
Personally I think it's perfectly inspirational.
Elaina shook her haid and rolled her eyes and said "just forget it".
Now she's laughing.
Now she said "stop writing okay, I'm serious, just cut it out."

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Buy one, get one free

Okay, okay, I succumb and apologize for my last two posts. I will admit, I was toying with the idea of shutting down my blog. And I am yet not altogether satisfied with my decision to keep it open, but my compromise was that El and I are soon moving away from each other, and it's a wonderful way to keep in touch.
We're doing it for each other.
All the rest of you who don't fall under that category, don't expect that your cries of "WE WANT A NEW POST" or "STOP POSTING, FLORENCE" are going to faze me at all. Well, depending on who you are.

Just in case you were interested, here's a pot pouri of what's been happening with me these last little whiles since I stopped posting.

OC Camps--I attended (as staff, just to clear that up) both the East and West Japan OC Camps. Very fun, very fulfilling, very tiring. Full of coffee imbibement, and good Japanese cafeteria food. I was running on an insomniac high for a while, being as I also attended the
SR/YA Camp--between the above (East and west, respectively), which was somewhat...stressful...thought provoking...stirring.
AIP--kinda speaks for itself. I've got 3 Subscriptions so far with El my wonderful teammate. Man we are dynamic aren't we El?
Christmas prep--There are a lot of little itty bitty things going on to exacerbate the Christmas busy-ness this year, but they're not exactly the sort of things that can be posted on the INTERNET. Huzzah.

And just when you thought I was done, here are some pictures for you.

The one we call Smoo (looking strange).

And the Fantastic Friends doing their last summer show, featuring Aiki as a special guest star. Only he's not in the photo. But it was fun having him. (sneaky grin)
Let's play the Where Is Florence game!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Going over the past few years of my life I realized that there were so many things I spent my time doing that were complete and total blatant timewasters. Such as surfing, chatting online or on the phone, writing, doing layout for imaginary things, blogging, reading...
But then those things have each effected me in profound ways. Moreso than the things I did that make logical, forward-thinking sense, such as school.
So what are the things that classify as real timewasters? Things that REALLY have no bearing on life? Or things that make you the worse off for them? (The latter is way too subjective to draw a line against, anyway). Because I can't think of anything I've done excessively that didn't have any sort of effect on my life.
So when people tell you to eliminate timewasters, do they mean adults? Cause teenagers thrive, learn and grow out of timewasters. Is that the way it should be?

This blog is a total timewaster.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What everybody needs...

And to think we said it was impossible. I feel stupid (not a novel feeling).
I sent off my first Activated subscription cards yesterday. Man what a high it was getting the first one. It really was simple.
El, let's just get 76 more, ay?

I really don't know what relevance these happy people have to this post, all I know is that they're colorful, friendly, and I wish they actually existed in the world.

But I feel much closer to humanity. Witnessing does that to me. I love people...especially sheepy people that aren't saved (yet). When I meet those people I get just that much more happy about life.

And I had my first breakthrough dreams about getting Activate subscriptions. So I guess I'm living it even in my dreams.

Hail, world.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's in the eyes.

We're having our Scorpio birthday party tonight.
Hip hip hooray for all the scorpios around the world. You're not my favorite sign, but hey, that's probably because I can't figure you out.

And what the heck? Hillary Clinton is a scorpio? Man I was one of those people who was strictly anti sunsign generalization until I discovered this. YOU'RE ALL THE SAME, you FEMINAZIS!

Heh. It's in the eyes. It's gotta be.
Now for some trivia. (Dictionary definition of trivia: boring things one resorts to when one really doesn't feel like blogging and is flirting with the idea of shutting down one's blog.)

Cool Scorpios:
Dylan Thomas
Bill Gates
Marie Antoinette
Pat Buchanan
Simon AND Garfunkel
King Hussein of Jordan
Martin Scorsese
Billy Sunday
Martin Luther

Friday, November 04, 2005

October 14th

The sky was delicious today. Purple and orange. I went out shopping and sat in the car waiting for the rest of my team who didn't seem to be able to get in and out as fast as I did. I drank coffee with a straw and watched the sunset--watched the colors get darker and more vivid, watched everything fade.
There's a typhoon coming. On the way home the wind slammed against the car. When the car stopped, I heard the sounds of the waves crashing behind the seawall.
Yosh and I did something spontaneous and left our stuff in the car to run in highheels along the ocean. Running with the wind was like flying, running back was like running on a treadmill. We yelled into the wind and laughed like kids.

Yosh is leaving...

Yoshimi and I grew up together, from the nasty age of 3, I think it was. I don't remember life without her. She always was the prim, sophisticated, classy, neat and tidy, creative, talented, strong older sister. Sometimes she'd use her brains for evil (like running this gambling game that was so heavy that the rest of us couldn't follow. We trusted her when she told us we lost because she was slimy enough to make us win SOME of the time. Yes, this mind evolved from the scum of the earth.) and sometimes she'd use her brains for good--but she'd never LEND her brains. Oh no, never. The two-year-sibling copycat in me was trampled upon by Yoshimi's ceaseless reprimand to "be different!' "stop copying!" "draw your own barbie!" "quit copying my trends!"
Secretly I know she loved having me be worse at everything--thank me for your self-esteem, Yosh, because it was at the expense of mine!!!
I weep bitter tears. No, seriously.
We did everything together. We drew, we played, we exercised, we sang, we danced, we witnessed. We did school from the same social studies text book. We slept in the same room. We struggled through the same boring reading lists.
Ha, hell, we were even together the first time Satan tried to tempt us to smoke. You, oh strong one, resisted with valor. I still defend the fact that I only FAKED it.

But then, despite all the respect and adoration I had for you, you were always my equal. You never made me feel small. People came, had comparing trials, and went. I understood their problems and marvelled that I didn't feel the same. Maybe I ran out of contempt for you in kindergarten.

I remember the first time I realized you were older than me. You started watching different movies...you started going to different camps...you started drinking... You know how sad I felt every time.

I think this year is the first year I'm going to the same camp as you. Ironically that camp will be the last of our days together. Back in the same class, back in the same age group...you, Steve, and I--the kids of Shizuoka home. A bunch of other people besides, but you know how they say it all fades into nothing. We can exchange a few of those "suspended in time" "no one but us" looks...and then we'll know that everything's gonna be okay.
I remember how much we hated it when they called us kids. Now they call us teens. It's still exclusive, isn't it. Soon they'll call us adults...and we'll hate that too.

You made life a celebration. You bought me my first crepe to celebrate some first happy experiences (heh). You bought wine to celebrate the livehouse...and yet again to celebrate my emerging into the world of 16+. You saw me stressing about what to wear at a show and you offered to fix my favorite shirt with a rip--you did it all by hand. You indulged me when I got the sudden urge to lie down on the pavement and stare up at the stars. You bought me ice creams when I had no money. You said "this hurts me more than it hurts you" when you stole my snacks so I wouldn't get fat(ter). You were there for me anytime I needed a "slap back to reality". You didn't protest when the adults suggested that I, the scummy, messy, inspirational mad scientist, move in with you, the clean cat-loving plant-lover. Those little things meant a lot to me.

Now that we've become different people--you the never-seeming-to-be-able-to-make-successful-conversation-with-new-people, happy, dancing, beautiful, stylish, poised, practical-minded MATH woman--me the blundering, talkative, self-absorbed, emotional, passionately insane, inspirational and mad, LANGUAGE ARTS woman (girl? woman? womirl?)--people expect us to be totally different. And then they get close to us and realize how alike we are--tastes, apprehensions, feelings...and they realize we came from the same mix. Even Rick managed to comment (with not a little disdain) that we were very alike.

Yes, folks, get to know me and YOU CAN GET IN YOSH'S PANTS!!! The secret is out!!! Swarm to me, for I am the keeper of the KEY!
Heh...don't kill me.

I tip my glass to you, Yosh. Not to a perfect woman, not to any one memory, not to any noteworthy virtue--but a perfect whip of human. I toast your love, your friendship, your loyalty, your sacrifice, your patience, your compassion, your fun, your giving, your taking, your teaching, your learning.

I guess in a way you and I together made one person. You're leaving...and that person is dying. But that person lived a long, fulfilled, happy life, and she's not afraid of the Darkness into which she is passing. Time to say bye bye.