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Monday, November 30, 2009


Two of my best friends in the whole world just had their first kid. I love you guys to death and I'm proud of you. I have a feeling the little one will be legend.
That's it.

Monday, November 23, 2009


You know how, when you don't have anything figured out and stuff is more or less chaos in your head, but you manage to crawl up a warm body and nestle yourself in a fuzzy pocket that fits you perfectly...
And you're so happy to know that you get to tag along on Someone who sees so much farther and is so much bigger than you. You get to absorb His warmth, feel his heartbeat, and let Him walk you to where you need to go.
Come on up. It's worth the climb up a long leg, and there's enough room for both of us to cuddle up with this handkerchief.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


I want to hear more young people express their love for Jesus. I don't know if this is correct about the Family or Christians in general, but I haven't heard so much of it personally. And then sometimes we get bothered by the fact that the things that we have to read and the songs we have to listen to speak in a language that we can't relate to--too flowery, too formal, too biblical.
I want to hear more of us express our love for Jesus out loud. We ought to be professing Christians, not just silently nodding our heads like lemmings. Isn't it one of the only ways that we have to really strengthen our faith and brotherhood with one another? Ought we not be sharing all things, especially our bond in Jesus?
Come come now.

desire burning in my mind
like a firefly lighting up the sky
my heart is aglow
i feel you burning up my soul
i'm a shipwreck a sailor lost at sea
you're a tidal wave
and you're crashing over me
caught in your current and i'm sinking
but drowning peacefully

i'm crying out come rescue me with love
like a child needs a night light in the dark
Lord light me up i'm lovesick for
just one touch
you're all I need
but you never seem to be enough

i'm romeo desperate for your love
i'd scale these garden walls
just to see the rising sun
but see what light breaks softly through
it's love that i never knew