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Friday, December 28, 2007

Merr Crismus

Dear, dear relatives and friends who are thinking "If Florence can't even deign to post a Merry Christmas on her blog, when will she ever post again?" need wonder no more.
I will never ever post again. And that statement may or may not be revised. I'll just throw it out there to see how it makes me feel.
I was very busy over Christmas, and...you know how it goes. Blogs just aren't important enough to take precedence over all the other things that go on when one is busy. That's why busy people don't usually have blogs. That's why some people say that if you have a blog it means you don't have a life. Which...I understand, could be offensive to a whole lot of people, since there are a whole lot of people who have blogs. I used to be offended by that statement (back in the day when I didn't have much of a life, ironically). It's funny how the people that get angry at that generalization are the sort of people that eventually end up closing their blog down with some excuse like "I just got too busy--life caught up with me." Thanks for being another drop in the bucket of sweet, sweet stigmatism! Let's all add insult to injury and slurp it down like eggnog! (I've never had eggnog in my life, actually. Does it taste like egg?)
In all sincerity, though, being that it is the day after the day after Christmas (or something like that--Christmas tends to get a little drawn out for me), I am feeling cynical and narfy, and I feel like talking a lot.
Which is a sure sign that I need to shut up.
In true shut-up style, here are your pictures.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


If life is like a movie, let it be sad, and let it be happy; let it rise and fall, climax, and thrill. Let it carry a sound message from the beginning to the end--let it end no less powerfully than it began. May it come full circle, from one moment to another leading into the ultimate story. May it pervade all genres--ahereing to no rules. May it allow all to partake, and may it impact many. May your movie be called "Love", and may you win every day an Oscar or two.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


About time I was able to post this. I've seen it a trillion times and it still cracks me up. Leika, this is the pinnacle of appreciation, and I doubt that anyone will ever top it. (They would if they could.)
This sure beats any bathering warble blog-post I could ever write.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

santa hats are so nice

This is me wishing you a Merry Christmas season, as busy as you may be (as busy as I am). I hope you are happy, and I probably miss you. Maybe really bad.
We read the story about the old man in the Link today. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. I've sung for way too many old people in my life, and had way too many of them cry and clap and mumble at me. It used to just confuse me and make me want to wash my hands. Now I really love them. This is what I get after a good 18 years of happy life--at Christmas I just want to break down and cry and hug everybody.

Friday, December 07, 2007

More from Dad

For those vicious souls who have demanded more "Micah poetry". I give you these. Sigh, I wish people would viciously demand poetry from me. I guess it's like going to see a copy versus the original Michaelangelo. Heh.
Anyone and everyone, comment away. Just...to let him know that you like it, so that he keeps writing more.
And with this, I am off to Tateyama.

Transport me to a place
Where love lives.
Beyond the sea of problems,
Beyond shipwrecked dreams.
Lift me on fair breezes,
Above the choking air.
Let me fly through stars of music
And lay forever with you.
Our lips forget tomorrow,
Two souls made one this night.
Let us peep into forever,
And make love by a crystal stream
That comes from that enchanted place
We all long to be.

What do you lose by coming?
You lose your pride, your independence
You lose your isolation and loneliness
You give up stress
You loose your inhibitions.
You lose yourself and leave the outside world behind

You lose so much, you should be poor
But what you gained is so much more.
You gained a touch of another's hand
You gained soft lips to ease troubled days
You gained a key to another soul
You gained release from the ordinary
You felt a touch of forever
And you forever longing for more
Addicted to what's beyond the door.

Before I go to bed
Something I need to say.
I've never kissed an angel
But I know what it is like.
I've never been to Heaven
But I know just how it feels
I'm bound with the many ropes of life
But I know what freedom is
I've passed through the loneliest of years
But I know what one soul in two bodies means
I've known disappointment, discouragement, and pain
But I passed through the door out of fear
And had a glimpse into forever
Because I've been with you.