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Thursday, August 31, 2006


It's odd. A sort of on-and-off friendship we've shared over the past 10 years. I've known you for a long time, can't remember the first time I met you, regret the last time I saw you, and will most likely die looking forward to the next time I see you.
I know you'd cringe if I wrote something super poetic, so I won't. I wouldn't be able to. You deserve the sort of poetry that I can't write. You know, the good stuff.
I guess now I'll just miss you like I always do, except a trillion miles further.
Thanks for always treating me like something special, even though I had nothing in particular to offer you. Everyone always was around more, or worth being around more. I was the one who wanted to hug you but never got up the courage; who wanted to encourage you but was never close enough; who wanted to help you but never knew how. You humbled me, in that I took without having anything to give. Kind of like a little bit of Jesus in my life.
Never had anything smart to tell you, no words of wonder or advise to help you hang on, but I want to impart all that I have, and that is:
I'll always be praying for you, really hard and really long, like I always have. I'll always forget your mistakes, cause they were too few to merit space in my brain. I'll always hope that you keep on going, keep on making it, because I like to please my brain with realistic hopes. I'll always rejoice at seeing you progress and grow, because you always are.

Have fun in the sun, and enjoy the likeness I drew of you. (I tried to scratch out the parts you wouldn't like.) The hand is chubby and strange, like mine.

Monday, August 28, 2006


do you realize.
i've written like.
6 different paragraphs of.
interesting things.
that i erased.
because they just weren't
"funny if you didn't know me"
and now.

look at what i'm writing.

ha. ha.


and the little tiny print that runs along the bottom of the screen says stuff like "Al cooked a delicious dinner" "Ezra and Mary took me out and I was inexplicably touched" "Mike plays piano into the wee hours of the night and pretends to have not played in a long time" "Aich is happy to see me, I'm happy to see Aich" "All the toddlers asked for permission to get up and hug me when I walked in the room" "Ambie bought me a wickedly handsome dress that distracts people from my natural beauty" "I want to hit Mark over the head with a big big shoe. The way a cockroach deserves to be squashed" "I'M GOING TO MISS ELAINA"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My life in the city oh what a pity

Who'd have thought that the ever-so-unfaithful updater would be calling for an update?
So here I am, at her behest and at her computer. Happy day.

Here I go. I pull a quick sneaky-blogging-technique and search my innermost soul for recent profound feelings.
Ahhhhhhh it feels like a warm hug. And warm hugs are perfectly wonderful, anytime, anywhere, in any season, and in any aircon-less room. There are preferred environments of course--like, I may have strong opinions about where sex can be had (held? performed? attained? done?) ideally, but when it comes down to it, sex is good anytime anywhere.
Someone agree with me.

(Ambie don't freak out)

This afternoon David pulled a sick joke on me. I fell asleep while reading a long and boring novel, and when I awakened, I decided to accomodate myself better, and turned on the aircon, laid on David's futon and rested my head on his pillow, and fell into a fantastic slumber with a big down blanket on top of me. Isn't that just one of the most wonderful ways to sleep? Like cuddling up with heavy blankets in wintertime.
And then David comes in and turns off the aircon. Deliberately.
I woke up bathed in sweat.

And then I called him a pervert in front of all the kids at lunch time. That was embarassing. I'm not used to kids.

But I forgot to tell you about the profound feeling that felt like a warm hug.
Parents are so cool. They have so much patience, so much love, so much compassion for weird and retarded sort of uncomfortable feelings and embarassing situations.
I like them. And I am in parent paradise. I want to stay forever.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I will be honest with you.
The reason I don't post much is because
1) I haven't settled into my new life enough to enjoy the random things (yet)
2) I don't have a camera and I have no pictures
3) I've been travelling.

There's nothing like coming home from two-week-long travels and hearing that you're immediately put on 5 day vacation. Starting NOW.

Invite me over. Please.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A smiley steve

Steve and I, sitting on benches outside main building talking about nothing in particular.
Steve: "Florence, what's up with your blog nowadays? Is it dead yet?"
Florence: "Yeeeeeah. Shut up. I don't have time, and I have nothing to blog about."
Steve: "Why don't you be like everyone else and write stuff like, 'I woke up this morning and had a yummy coffee, yay. I met my friend and we went witnessing. I came home and went to the pool. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my loving brother at the HCS.'"
Florence: "Give me something to blog about."
Steve: "Sure. I'll do something funny for you to blog about. Not. What? Give you something to blog about?"
Florence: "Anything. Do something."
Steve: "You suck."
Florence: "I know. People like to hear about you. Give me a smile."
Steve: Smiles for about 10 seconds.
Florence: Giggles


Steve: "You're actually going to blog about that aren't you."
Florence: "Hahahaha, why not."

Friday, August 04, 2006

sweeping the world like a wave of PEEEEEE

I expect at any moment my skin will start bubbling and will wibble to the ground.
At this moment I have a fan about an inch away from my body, at full blast, whipping up a hurricane of my hair, and just totally NOT HELPING. I turned it off a few seconds ago because the hot air it was blowing at me was unbearable, and then the microwaves settled around me in a stagnant, compressed cloud of murky heat and I turned it back on.
We have one aircon in the house, and it's in a room that is currently vacated by one of the travelling families. I want to turn it on SO BADLY but I can't because I can't reach it, even if I stand on a chair. I spent a good hour yesterday hunting for the remote, and I couldn't find it.
The nearest aircon is in QQ. Pray that I can survive the bike ride.
TTL for heat. It makes the...flowers...grow?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello Again

The two families are gone travelling, so there are only six of us at home trying to revolutionize the atmosphere. Mom is the newly appointed kitchen deacon (shucks) so she's changing the kitchen around and it looks nice. I got inspired to clean things too, but there's not much I can do without constantly asking "where does this go?" and "do you think it might be a good idea, maybe, to possibly move these, maybe somewhere else...or not?"
So I feel pretty useless.
But happy.
I don't like feeling useless. But whenever something happens to me that I don't like, I find that I realize it really easily, and as a result it's much easier to be happy when something happens that really bugs me, as opposed to being happy when things are normal. Kind of like how there are more accidents on the big huge safe roads than there are on the winding mountain roads. Cause people are concentrating more and being more proactive in the dangerous areas.
End of psychological parallel. Gosh those are boring.
So we're listening to Recycled downstairs, and during Red, at the end of the verses Dad sings really loud "Waaarrrrniiiing", but it's usually something different like, "The future will not scare you".
I recently realized (and this is NOT a murmur) that I've lost my sense of humor. Since putting other things in my life above my sense of humor and my intellect and my sarcasm, I've felt it steadily decline to its current state, hilariously NOT FUNNY. What that means is the only way I can get people to laugh is by hysterically laughing at myself.
But it's great. I love it.