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Monday, July 28, 2008

The little bits of informations Florence owes you

Things I did this month
--> Taught Bible Classes (the best fun in the whole wide world)
--> Tried to trust the Lord for lack of time to read PMA classes (less fun)
--> Recorded in Tokyo, Chiba, and Tateyama
--> Butchered a piano solo whilst wearing a ski-mask (playing with the "Kando Bando" slash "Morning Musuko")
--> Beat the piano solo to death whilst wearing a mickey mouse hat (at the Noda Event yesterday. PTL for little humblings.)
--> Hung out at a live house with the band boys and...no...audience... (We did a smashing show anyway!!)
--> Wished I had more pictures of these sort of things to post and make this blog so much fun!
--> Went witnessing with people that I love at Noda.
--> Cancelled plans for a Strawberry shindig over vacation.
--> Cultivated 2 new 12FS students!!! (Raaar)
--> Was instructed on how to manage sending off a round of Activate magazines and home orders by myself (results are pending)
--> Went to a PR seminar!!
--> Wished Gabe, Ryan, Masa, and Yosh a happy rappy birthday! (and Mike, Mark and Laura happy passage of drivers license testage!) Oh! And Yasu and Dawn's happy-new-baby!! Wow so many congratulations going around. Is anyone pregnant?
--> Did a lot of layout
--> Scheduled a zillion PMA mentor meetings and had not a single one. (Hmmmm)
--> Got to see Elaina a few times and wanted so badly to talk to her in a lazy, sensational fashion, just like old times.
--> Oh! Oh! The 77inches herself made me her interview of the week, which was quite something.
Things I will do next month
--> Be in Shizuoka with Steve, Yosh, Masa, and Cheri (doing shows and things).
--> Have a vacation sometime (amen!!!)
--> Pray like no manana, because there are so many things that need a little shove in the spirit.
--> Give more Bible classes
--> Play at a band competition
--> Perform with the KB at a live radio show in Tokyo
--> Chill at the HCS Summer Festival (in C lounge, with the aircon)
--> Sleep in a bed that is not mine for at least half the days out of the month
--> Do a shoddy job of managing my home (mostly because I'm not going to be home for half the days out of the month...)
--> Learn lots of things and become easier for you to like.
--> Partaaaaaay!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

you got what you did not ask for

Since I'm a Libra and I believe in a functional semblance of balance, I am going to post something noisy to drown out all the silence going on around here.
I was recently having a conversation with someone (I guess you know who you are) whilst reading the exciting new HL series "I Thought of Emily."
It all seems kind of feeble and dorky, in theory, to be the sort of person whose ultimate demonstration of emotional "movement" would be to sit down and write poetry. And as much as I really truly believe that this is...actually...sort of pathetic... I have to shamefully admit that there are those times when I am sitting at a desk with a thousand succinct thoughts in my head and a craving to put it down somewhere fast. Not because I think they're good thoughts that I'd hate to forget, but because I think the thoughts are maddening and I'd be better off without them. So they go on paper. Which, I guess, in any natural sequence of reasoning, would render the poetry worthless, and something that everyone would be better off without.
It's funny though, that I'm never able to write focused poetry about actual people or events. This is probably a byproduct of my haphazard brain. I'm actually quite incapable of looking at an event or a person from one angle or as one thing, once I've started to romanticize about them. I can never make a definite decision about someone; or, even if I think it is definite at the time, my mind is always very easily changed.
Consequently, I read some stuff that I scribbled a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, and wonder what it was that could've made me feel that way, and why I seem to be so conflicted.
Lord help us all, because here it comes.
take me back with you
build us a tent
inside an empty cloudburst
a rainwater loveboat

to drift like Aristotle in a sand box
to be together in a raindrop that rolls
down a lazy eyebrow
to hold me up and lift my hand

to look at pages together
to see stars in white sheets
castles in cardboard
and dreams that dropped out of the biggest things into the smallest hands

you are to me
a gospel of few words
a short, succulent

the tip of my fingers and the tip of my tongue
and too many poems rolled into one

take me back with you
build us a road
that wanders and waves
like children going home

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cultural Experiences

For all the sweet people who have been wondering what that song is that I always sing.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Silly Thoughts That One Ought Not Post On One's Blog

When does being sweet become something that is just about yourself and your need to feel like the better person? Can people tell the difference between someone who is just sweet because they've been trained to be sweet and is just blissfully like so, and someone who really needs to be sweet to support their feeble self-confidence--to need to have something that people want? What other reasons are there for people to be too sweet? Too sweet because they want something that they can't have and are in denial about it? Too sweet because they hate to be confrontational--and they don't want to think bad thoughts about anyone lest it eventually becomes something that needs confronting? Too sweet because too much of their pride hinges on being one of those "nice people" that everyone says "She's quite nice" about? What motivates me to be sweet?
Ahhhhhhhhh. A painfully pathetic thing to be thinking about so early in the morning.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Florence and Dan share a sweet exchange at the pool

Via my l33tzorz hackzorz skillzorz i have deleted (zorz?) this post.



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh look, nice pictures!

So the other day some people jumped up on a stage and had a little bit of fun playing some little bits of music. And Dan took pictures. I know he took a lot more than these, so I guess he'll post'em on his wee website.
See ya.