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Monday, July 28, 2008

The little bits of informations Florence owes you

Things I did this month
--> Taught Bible Classes (the best fun in the whole wide world)
--> Tried to trust the Lord for lack of time to read PMA classes (less fun)
--> Recorded in Tokyo, Chiba, and Tateyama
--> Butchered a piano solo whilst wearing a ski-mask (playing with the "Kando Bando" slash "Morning Musuko")
--> Beat the piano solo to death whilst wearing a mickey mouse hat (at the Noda Event yesterday. PTL for little humblings.)
--> Hung out at a live house with the band boys and...no...audience... (We did a smashing show anyway!!)
--> Wished I had more pictures of these sort of things to post and make this blog so much fun!
--> Went witnessing with people that I love at Noda.
--> Cancelled plans for a Strawberry shindig over vacation.
--> Cultivated 2 new 12FS students!!! (Raaar)
--> Was instructed on how to manage sending off a round of Activate magazines and home orders by myself (results are pending)
--> Went to a PR seminar!!
--> Wished Gabe, Ryan, Masa, and Yosh a happy rappy birthday! (and Mike, Mark and Laura happy passage of drivers license testage!) Oh! And Yasu and Dawn's happy-new-baby!! Wow so many congratulations going around. Is anyone pregnant?
--> Did a lot of layout
--> Scheduled a zillion PMA mentor meetings and had not a single one. (Hmmmm)
--> Got to see Elaina a few times and wanted so badly to talk to her in a lazy, sensational fashion, just like old times.
--> Oh! Oh! The 77inches herself made me her interview of the week, which was quite something.
Things I will do next month
--> Be in Shizuoka with Steve, Yosh, Masa, and Cheri (doing shows and things).
--> Have a vacation sometime (amen!!!)
--> Pray like no manana, because there are so many things that need a little shove in the spirit.
--> Give more Bible classes
--> Play at a band competition
--> Perform with the KB at a live radio show in Tokyo
--> Chill at the HCS Summer Festival (in C lounge, with the aircon)
--> Sleep in a bed that is not mine for at least half the days out of the month
--> Do a shoddy job of managing my home (mostly because I'm not going to be home for half the days out of the month...)
--> Learn lots of things and become easier for you to like.
--> Partaaaaaay!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this? You canceled plans for a Strawberry Jam Shindig over your vacation. I agree that as much fun as that would be, it doesn't really meet with being a good vacation. I believe you really do deserve a real vacation, since the last vacation resulted in the first Strawberry Jam. But can't it just be that you three get together at some other time and call it work, so that the public can get the benefits? Please!Please!

7/28/2008 3:59 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

Just didn't work out, homie.

7/28/2008 4:21 PM  
Blogger Junior said...

I guess you are one busy girl.

7/28/2008 8:23 PM  
Blogger Masa said...

It's my fault.

8/03/2008 12:54 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Shusshup Maser, that's not true.

8/03/2008 7:40 AM  

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