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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Acronyms of Praise

I sit in my small house, with the kids yelling like Indians in the next room, with my feet folded underneath me, a bowl of yakisoba on my table next to my laptop, my bed quite nicely made and a little neglected since I haven't slept in it for the last two days. It beckons sweetly to me. Ah, faithful bed!! We must get reacquainted, you and I.
Steve, I'm so happy that we get to witness with music, like...actually. You know how it's such a dream to have a music ministry that has cut past all of those initial hazy ideas that you had about what sort of music you would play, or what kind of retarded image you would have, and has finally managed to make it down to the nitty gritty hardcore kind of songs that you know in the pit of your stomach, and that make sense in your small brain? Hooray for witnessing with music!! PTL and other praiseful acronyms!
I hope to sleep well this evening. (Florence says as she skips off to her manager duties.)


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