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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

But you knew that.

Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Train Runnin'

Now I am home and my eyes feel like they are only now realizing that they were never meant to be opened and they should just close forever.
Partly because of the retarded rash on my eyelid, thanks to some sort of mutant make-up allergy.
Also partly because I am very tired and ought to sleep. (Wonder why I'm at the computer typing THIS stuff, mmmm?) Probably YOU are also very tired, because only the VERY tired find themselves reading my blog, at the end of a long, dark tunnel of aimless internet surfing. Stop it, and go to bed.
If you're still here because you're thinking "I already started reading the post, may as well finish..." well then...okay, there's nothing I can do to stop you. But I CAN ramble on and on to teach you a lesson. But...I won't...because...I am too tired.
Does anyone else, when they read sentences in their heads, consciously think "ellipsis points"...? Maybe it's just me. I hope not, because that would be weird. I would feel very lonely.
I walked home from the train station tonight, bouncing around on my heels in the dark with a bag slung over my shoulders, earphones in my ears and "Back On Track" on my MP3 player. A strange old man came up to me and told me that it was dangerous for "pretty gaijin girls" to be walking in the dark because of "chikans". I didn't know what to do--I thanked him for his sweet word of warning and then walked off. I felt bad though, like maybe he thought I should call a taxi right then and there. Maybe HE was a chikan, and it was his sneaky tactic to get me to invite him to escort me to my house or something. Hmmmmmm!!! Hamano is a scary hood.
Anyway. I miss you, and I hope I get to see you again soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is very odd. Most of the time lately I only get the kick-in-the-pants to post on my blog when I see how way far down on Aiki and Mary's link list I am. That's so weird. Aiki and Mary, you have become my bloggometer.
So the HCS had a party and I'm finding pictures of myself popping up in random places. That's always the funnest part of the party, seeing the sneaky pictures people took realizing how crazed and drugged you look when you're enjoying yourself in the dark.
And that's ALL I have to say about that. I'm going to be busy hopping all over the place soon but I love you and maybe you're one of the people I will hop to.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

That's Just Great

It does not help me in my songwriting to see videos like this.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Serious Business

Two songs I'm digging with absolutely no idea why.
Together (CP single release) and Spending My Time (DMC)
I am not kidding. Do not laugh at me. These are awesome songs.
Download them.

I'm really sorry that this is the only thing I have the gumption to post right now. Pray that the desire to update my blog peaks soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Sitting in an English garden...

...waiting for the sun."
Which is what we're doing right now. We went out singing yesterday and and the night before, and all was pretty happy and nice. Tiring, but happy and nice. We got a bunch of alcohol donations, and a few that we turned down. But when it was difficult to turn down the beers, we had to take them with us in our backpack, which became heavy as a sack of potatoes. Seriously, it's one of the only times in my life that I've ever wanted to turn down a beer.
Here are some happy keitai pictures of us.

My eyebrows looking a little crooked-er than usual, on the way to Chiba Castle.

Steve (revolution!!) and Taka (peace!!)

Thank you Jesus for donations!! (And little bits of money for healthy things!!)

While Steve likes him a good sushi, I like me some fried ebi! Hallelujah for Tempura!
Mmmm! Don't YOU wish you were singing "Country Roads" under the hot hot sun!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Things that are life

  • I had a beer during home council today. It was ever so satisfying, thanks to Michael F. for the massive box that lives in my room now.
  • I sang a song in Latin a little while ago. Oh man, recording it with Steve was the hugest trial, because he kept cracking up when I'd have to sing "et glorificabo" and related Latin phrases. I think every singer plays with the idea of singing like a Italian opera singer at some point (the lesser of many delusions), and that was about as close as I think I'll ever get.
  • I just got a song back from Michael Piano called "Celestial." It's not really my style, I don't know what style it is, exactly, but it made me bounce around the room for a little while and thank Jesus that I have a soul that is happy enough to sing anything with HAPPINESS, if nothing else.
  • I'm going to Gifu precture for a Golden Week clowning marathon again. Always tiring as the dickens, but fun and bonding for our small little team in a little house that smells like tatami mat, eating ramens and mazui obentos.
  • Next weekend Steve and Taka are coming down from the HCS so we can go sakura singing in Chiba. After that, we're over to Bayside wrapping up the loose ends of Strawberry Jam Phase 1, so that we can move on to recording.
  • I got two songs approved by WSA and I have no idea how I'm going to fit that in on top of the other recording projects. Makes me think about how massively blessed I am to be able to do too much of something that I love.
  • Someone called my phone this morning with office-related questions, and I was able to spend a good chunk of time talking with him about the struggles in his witnessing and the exciting new projects he's pioneering. It reminded me how much I really want to get out there and struggle myself, but to pray for the people who have been called to do so in the meantime. Very inspiring.
  • OC camp in the west is coming up. Apparently I am going as staff, third year in a row. Thank you Jesus for small excitements.
  • I get to help at a 12FS graduation ceremony at Noda, bringing one of my sheep. I think I'm supposed to do a skit with Yo-kun. Yay!
  • I have my hair in two ponytails right now. TYJ for beer.
  • There's an Aries party on the 20th at the HCS, and I get to go!
  • Chateraise just called and told us that they have another pickup of pastries waiting for us. They should be home anytime now. TYJ for those unexpectedly pleasant ends to these beautiful days of life.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Projects projects projects

Doing too many things at once: Something I have an opinion about.
I believe, besides it being childish, idealistic, and foolish, that it's REALLY GREAT. It's so much fun!
First of all, it's an interesting challenge to see if the things that drop off automatically (since, obviously we can't juggle a zillion balls forever, or at least I can't) are the things that I'm naturally not so interested in, or the things that require more work, or the things that take more time, or the things that I AM actually interested in but realize are of lesser importance. This is really helping me figure out my true level of innate selfishness.
Another reason about why it's great is...for some reason, the more projects you have, the more likely you are to complete all of them. I truly believe this. In my brain, and as far as my reasoning will take me (which is not very far), I'd say this is because there's all of a sudden, as a result of so many things to do, more emphasis on completing the project rather than starting a new one. So, inasmuch as I am always starting new projects, I have an increased panic about finishing the old ones and getting them out of the way. This is sort of the cycle that moves me to accomplishment-by-desperation.
Also, accomplishment is one HUGE shot in the leg. Bouncing from one success to another becomes the easiest little dance in the world. And, whereas dancing is often tiring after a while, this is INVIGORATING. It's like, the truest rawest form of life. (For us SINGLES anyway.)
So PTL!!! Hop hop on those projects, people!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Home. Somewhat brain-dead. But happy.
Strawberry Jam is something that I can have some serious praise time about. I'm pretty convinced that the Lord made a pretty good team when he put us together. It's been a couple good years of being friends to bring us to the point where we can actually get together and write songs as a team. Trying to write enough songs for an album in 3 days is an insane feat, for sure, especially without any pre-prepared ideas. It's not just idealistic, it's actually mostly haphazard and not so recommended. In any case, it's exciting, and we're learning more about how to be prepared next time.
"Next time" is a phrase that is filled with so many questions and possibilities that I'm not even going to think about it.
There were some definite blocked moments of staring at blank pages and having absolutely zero ideas. You look at so many scratched-out ideas and the dorky phrases start to sound passable. And then when you've been through so many words and phrases and ideas, you can't tell which ones are good and which ones are bad anymore. Plus, you can't remember if you've already used that idea in a song 2 days ago.
Anyway. Inspired experience. Mostly for the fact that it's so rewarding to be able to start something with inspiration and finish it with grunting. I'm tired...but I think it's going to be worth it.
And I'm off to eat dinner and SLEEP now.