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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is very odd. Most of the time lately I only get the kick-in-the-pants to post on my blog when I see how way far down on Aiki and Mary's link list I am. That's so weird. Aiki and Mary, you have become my bloggometer.
So the HCS had a party and I'm finding pictures of myself popping up in random places. That's always the funnest part of the party, seeing the sneaky pictures people took realizing how crazed and drugged you look when you're enjoying yourself in the dark.
And that's ALL I have to say about that. I'm going to be busy hopping all over the place soon but I love you and maybe you're one of the people I will hop to.


Anonymous dave said...

will you be posting pictures of sister Florence?

4/24/2009 11:10 PM  

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