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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Songs! Songs!

One thing that some may find quite annoying about me is that I make millions and zillions of playlists for listening to music. I can't stand listening to the same songs in the same order. There are some songs that I just love and would not hate maybe even after listening to them 100 times, but I use them to slip between other songs that I would not usually listen to over and over, to spice up my music-listening-life. I actually don't allow myself to listen to those songs even when I have an urge to, because I need to keep them fresh and wonderful in order to continue to look forward to them and endure the other mediocre songs that come before them. Yes, I also feel guilty when I sneakily play a song out of context, just because I really really like it. I promise myself to never again be partial and offend the other songs.
Even more odd is that sometimes I do not like a song in a particular playlist, but when I give it a chance in another playlist before and after different songs, I manage to like it. Odd? Agreed. Quite odd. Obsessive and creepy? No, because I am NEVER obsessive and creepy.
Right now the songs that I am looking forward to are as follows.
On my "Songs to wake up to" playlist: Take Me Up by STEM
On my "Songs to JJT and laundry to" playlist: Strong by Julie G.
On my "Songs to work to" playlist: Encore by Masa
On my "Songs to sleep to" playlist: Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin
On my "Songs for gently playing in the background of a candle-lit evening of yummy food" playlist: How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood
Companion by Rachelle Spring
My Love is Love by the Paris Show Group
I Am The Walrus by Jim Carrey (my only entirely brackish indulgence)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some things that I am

I am small
In a breath that surrounds me
Under an overturned sky
And an understated syllable of splendor
An unspoken "Oh" of awe
Overjoyed and undeserving

I am simple
In a thesaurus of imagination
Ingrained, embossed and inlaid
In ivory; a word of a perfect few
Meanings...of few purposes...
The perfect meanings, the perfect purposes.

I am satisfied
As a thread in fabric
A fantastic fortune
The future as seen by thousands
Of small, simple
And overjoyed children.

Friday, April 25, 2008

you wonderful you

The sweet and wonderful things that people do for me are so much more worthy of "postage" than any sort of silly little things that my mind could conjure up, and I so wish I was carefree enough to post about them all. But the most special things are the most difficult to rehash properly. I'd rather just keep the sweet feelings like nice little foods digesting slowly in my tummy. Or like little fish swimming around and meeting other little fish. And making baby fish, maybe.
In any case, I know so many special people that I do not deserve to know, and I almost feel ill-equipped to love (even though my loving-equipment is not actually dysfunctional in any way). You are wonderful, and I feel like crawling into your pocket.
Much love.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another haphazzard post

You know what is quite an interesting thing, is lately I feel a very strong urge to blog IMMEDIATELY after I've finished having a good Word time. It is also around the same time that I get jumpy and want to hop around on one leg. Ask anyone in my home and they will tell you that I am at my hoppiest during, and just after Word time. (It's all downhill from there.)
We read "Physio the rapist" today during Word time and it made me laugh so hard, and has probably contributed to this hoppy feeling. I can't stop thinking about it. Why is it so funny? Probably because Physio actually sounds like the name of a little Italian midget.
Something else I've been reading during Word time that I have recommended to like 10 people already is "For Love of My Brothers". If you are one of those 10 people that I have recommended it to, I'm super sorry that by re-recommending it here I sound sort of crazy like one of those uncles that goes around talking about how near the End is. I hope you can find it in your heart to love me.
Also, my home needs to buy new toothpaste and garbage bags. I will hop off and remind somebody about that.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Salutations to the Silly People that I Love

(Because of the nature of this post, I was not able to write sweet words of love to all the people whose photos I posted asking if they were okay with me posting them. I mostly work in the secret in dark, dark places. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME if I have not posted the best picture on earth. I am only human. But go ahead and tell me that you are angry if you really need to hear me apologize, because I will, as dramatically as you want.)

There is something special about Aries people. Something special that makes me want to shake a leg and snap some fingers and do a little dance. And as I thought of one Aries on top of another, I decided to make a blog post to celebrate ALL of them, like a tower of Babel reaching to the heavens. So here it is.
First and foremost, there is my mangy little brother Dan, who, through thick and thin (I don't even know what that means. He's mostly a skinny fella), has come out none the worse for the wear and just as gangly as the rest of his brothers. May he forever survive among us and live long and happy days, may he eventually grow into better proportions, and may he one day grow a full and healthy beard. Happy Birthday, small guy.

Second, but still just a little important, is this guy who we call Josh the man of the tallness and the manly muscles. The sweetest handyman one ever did meet; the sweetest one will ever be is when one is trying to be sweeter than Josh. May you see many Toyopets, eat many peanuts, and get better and better at making sandwiches (and toast, because that's also important). I love you!
Third (only because we're climbing up the oldness ladder) is Genius the Henious, otherwise known as Gin Gin, Crazy, and anything you call out sweetly and lovingly in his direction. The man who calls all the little girls "sweetie" because he doesn't remember their names, and the man who makes everyone feel loved and cherished as they ought. May you always be lucidly lucid and haplessly happy, and may this year be free of the suspicion that you are mated to me. (You actually are a genuinely wonderful friend. Thanks for all that.)

And fourth!!! Because she is the honorary female aries, and also the most difficult one to secure a picture of: Aich--a beautiful woman, and just...an all-around lovely creature. Just. Just, you know. I think just is quite a sufficient word, with that certain "just" look and a tender, subtle smile, just means everything that everything didn't quite express as well. Cause you're just JUST so...so...I want to hug you and squish. Keep pimping Mike, and may you have many many years to let him know how lucky he is.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A small sensitive post about life and its many blessings

I meant to blog about this a few days ago (since I am scarce of things to blog about) but the blogging bug chose to stay away from me that day. So now that I have been bitten by the blogging bug (fearsome little varmint) I have decided not to pull the "that's old news" murmur and will blog about the first thing that enters my head. Truth is, I still think it's a cute thing to talk about, and really, I'll talk about pretty much anything as long as you'll listen to me.
So I met Steve and Shun at a sheep's birthday party the other day. We spent the afternoon doing very little, and then in the evening we put on a little mini-concert. HA ha! We sound so cool! (We're actually...uh...not so cool.)
Before I launch into this episode of mini-concert-ness, first let me tell you that I have been caught with my pants down in a mini-concert or two, and there are few people that I would rather be beguiled into a mini-concert with than Steve and Shun. Mostly because mini-concert does not mean to me what most people mean when they say "mini-concert" (why I couldn't come up with my own word, I don't know. Instead here I am wasting words trying to redefine it). It means instead: no forethought, no practice, no idea what to play, and an awkward fidget with an instrument that everyone in the mini- (or not so mini) audience is thinking you can play. THANKFULLY, and probably the ONLY reason besides the grace of the Heavenly Lord God above that this was not as terrible as it usually is, I was not required to play an instrument of any kind. I just sat there and smiled and laughed and knew the songs that Steve and Shun decided to play. Steve and Shun sat there and smiled and played, and knew the songs that I sometimes decided to sing.
Well there was this one song that I started singing...and it took me two lines into the song before I realized that I did not know the lyrics. (This is the reason why you probably will not hear Steve or Shun say "there is no one I'd rather be in a mini-concert with than Florence...") So I sat there and stammered and sounded really embarrassed as I told people that I "mixed up the versions! There are just so many versions of that song!" when in reality there really is only one version and I just didn't know any of it after the first two lines. I'm so clever!! I'm not so clever!! (Circle one)
But it is always so dreamlike to sit and sing silly songs with Steve. Silly songs like "The Sound of Silence" by SandG, "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, and "Time To Love" by Masa la Rassa, and other mild hits by Kando Bando. Just being able to look at Steve and have him know that I mean to say "holy smokes, this next part gets high, please let's switch the harmony and melody", and to have it go off without a hitch. To never have those awkward moments sitting there trying to decide on a song. To know that we've pretty much put on the worst shows in the universe together, so there isn't much bad and embarrassment we can't pull through. Steve, you da shiznit.

Oh, and Steve! It was quite funny...the other day going out Sakura witnessing with the kids, I was listening to "Eureka" to get me in the Sakura spirit, and all the kids in the car starting singing it with me. If that wasn't hilarious enough, they all thought we were talking about a girl named "Yurika". Which...I suppose is one way one could sing it.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wowie Zowie

Wow! It's such a happy, happy, bright sunshiney day! Everything is looking peachy and purty, and my room is cleaned and my teeth are brushed and my word time is all taken and folded nicely inside of me like a clean hanky. I have it there to pull me through my day, and to wipe the occasional runny nose. I AM ARMED and I am...oh just so happy!
Oh the good things that a good word time can do to you. I feel like one of those people on the front of GNs--having torn all my old clothes to shreds and wearing something new and white and see-through. Look at me! I'm pretty and I twinkle in the sun!
Don't you wish you'd had a good word time TOO? Ha! I have touched the power tree! I am full of coursing, spasming power, yo! Come and be cleansed with me! Let us hold hands and and make a circle and tralala around in see-through clothes! You know you wanna! Cause I wanna!
And no, I am not ashamed that this post is made of pure joy and pretty much nothing else. Read it and rejoice with me.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Today I decided something. I decided that the absolute best and easiest thing to do for someone who is feeling down in the dumps is to give them the jump-hug.
Now, the jump-hug, even though it has such a clever and complicated-sounding name, is quite easy to do. In fact, I know you'll be shocked to hear this, but I made it up myself. Here is what you must have to prepare:
1 moment of "shall I jump-hug her now?" indecision
1 moment to perform the jump-hug maneuver
2 functional legs (the jump department), and
2 functional arms (the hug department)
HOW functional your legs/arms are is also relative, I suppose, because some people can give a more elaborate jump-hug than others (who are maybe not fortunate enough to be double-jointed like Steve)
It takes time to perfect the jump-hug. Although, not too much time, hopefully, because the effect of the jump hug begins to wear off as you do it. You want to try to hit the nail pretty much on the head the very FIRST time you perform it, because you have the elements of "shock" and "oh how special" on your side.

So basically you sit very quietly and demurely for the moments as you set up your jump-hug. When the target is in a good position (aka, basically unaware of your presence), you begin.
THE JUMP: More like a "sproing", if you can. The jump bears no real explanation. Just sproing and dart at the target.
THE HUG: The hug should be as hug-like as possible. The squishier the better. A good hug is imperative to a good hug-jump (second only to a good jump).
The most effective way to exeunt a jump-hug and leave everyone with tingly "wow!" thoughts, is to abruptly exit, as I will do now.