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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A small sensitive post about life and its many blessings

I meant to blog about this a few days ago (since I am scarce of things to blog about) but the blogging bug chose to stay away from me that day. So now that I have been bitten by the blogging bug (fearsome little varmint) I have decided not to pull the "that's old news" murmur and will blog about the first thing that enters my head. Truth is, I still think it's a cute thing to talk about, and really, I'll talk about pretty much anything as long as you'll listen to me.
So I met Steve and Shun at a sheep's birthday party the other day. We spent the afternoon doing very little, and then in the evening we put on a little mini-concert. HA ha! We sound so cool! (We're actually...uh...not so cool.)
Before I launch into this episode of mini-concert-ness, first let me tell you that I have been caught with my pants down in a mini-concert or two, and there are few people that I would rather be beguiled into a mini-concert with than Steve and Shun. Mostly because mini-concert does not mean to me what most people mean when they say "mini-concert" (why I couldn't come up with my own word, I don't know. Instead here I am wasting words trying to redefine it). It means instead: no forethought, no practice, no idea what to play, and an awkward fidget with an instrument that everyone in the mini- (or not so mini) audience is thinking you can play. THANKFULLY, and probably the ONLY reason besides the grace of the Heavenly Lord God above that this was not as terrible as it usually is, I was not required to play an instrument of any kind. I just sat there and smiled and laughed and knew the songs that Steve and Shun decided to play. Steve and Shun sat there and smiled and played, and knew the songs that I sometimes decided to sing.
Well there was this one song that I started singing...and it took me two lines into the song before I realized that I did not know the lyrics. (This is the reason why you probably will not hear Steve or Shun say "there is no one I'd rather be in a mini-concert with than Florence...") So I sat there and stammered and sounded really embarrassed as I told people that I "mixed up the versions! There are just so many versions of that song!" when in reality there really is only one version and I just didn't know any of it after the first two lines. I'm so clever!! I'm not so clever!! (Circle one)
But it is always so dreamlike to sit and sing silly songs with Steve. Silly songs like "The Sound of Silence" by SandG, "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, and "Time To Love" by Masa la Rassa, and other mild hits by Kando Bando. Just being able to look at Steve and have him know that I mean to say "holy smokes, this next part gets high, please let's switch the harmony and melody", and to have it go off without a hitch. To never have those awkward moments sitting there trying to decide on a song. To know that we've pretty much put on the worst shows in the universe together, so there isn't much bad and embarrassment we can't pull through. Steve, you da shiznit.

Oh, and Steve! It was quite funny...the other day going out Sakura witnessing with the kids, I was listening to "Eureka" to get me in the Sakura spirit, and all the kids in the car starting singing it with me. If that wasn't hilarious enough, they all thought we were talking about a girl named "Yurika". Which...I suppose is one way one could sing it.


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