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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Here is the beauty that is hanging around my neck right now. As difficult as it may be to believe this, this is my VERY FIRST EVER audio listening device. I've never owned an MP3 player, CD player, or walkman (walkaman? walkamile?). OH! I just got a walkman recently. But, besides that. And that's not because I'm a deprived missionary. I've just never thought that it was all that worth all the money one pays for it. Steve has owned like maybe a million different gadgets, from CD players to several different MD players to several different MP3 players, but I never owned a single one. He was always pressuring me to buy one, and I almost did. I was holding it in my hand in the store thinking about it with him yelling in my ear that I'd better and I was stupid if I didn't. But I didn't. I don't remember why. Maybe I was being rebellious.
But THIS beauty.
I love the orange.
Before anybody decides to self-righteously point out the unfortunate detail of its having somewhat of a dorky brand name, let me assure you that I am so far very pleased with its performance and its features. Which include a fangdangly necklace/earphones contraption that I can also replace with any special chain of my choice. I think that's very inventive.
It's also entirely in English, which means I don't have to half guess what the kanjis mean before I press them and delete all files, etc.
It's just...SANK YU JESUS.

I've become a tragically boring blogger, haven't I. But come on guys, this is a big deal!!! Come on now! I like to move it, move it!

Friday, May 25, 2007

about my great big secret recording projects

I don't post a lot about music on my blog. I love singing and I love writing songs, and sometimes I post lyrics (sometimes people call them poems) and mention some singing project. If I was doing it more I would probably mention it more; I'm not being secretive or hiding any big recording project.
I'm just not a musician. I'm not like my brother Steve and I'm not like my brother Gabe and I'm not like my sister Sunny. I don't have the power to barrel through with my pulsating talent and shine like a shooting star. What I do have, is a love for music and singing that comes from Jesus, and a desire to sing to glorify Him. I live in a home where I can't sing so much, but I do other things to try to make Jesus happy, so I figure I'm doing okay.
So as far as singing goes, I'd love to sing, and I'd love to record songs, but there aren't many opportunities. I look forward to the opportunities in the future, since the Big Mister says that singing will be a big part of our witness in the offensive. Hooray!
So there's the fairly detailed answer to that question.
I get so many encouraging comments from people who somehow have heard something I've sung and take the time to appreciate it. That's very sweet, it always takes me by surprise. That's what I call true Family-style love and appreciation. THANKS a lot.
Love ya!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love Can Build A Bridge

Wonderful little shiner prizes.
I'm learning not to be cynical of my happiness. When I get the time to think too much I start realizing my circumstances and trust those over my happiness. I wonder why I'm not okay just letting myself stay happy--why I have to correct my happiness when it's strangely not jiving with my surroundings. Like as if my joy is some weird delusion or weakness.
I'm the sort of person that regularly assesses my actual circumstances with a realistic eye and adapts my feelings or level of joy to my conclusions. I do this INTENTIONALLY. In other words, I'm usually happy until I realize that I "shouldn't be". WHAT A RETARD I AM.
Now I'm realizing that, conversely, and MUCH MUCH BETTER, I can make myself believe that I'm happy when my actual conditions are real terrible. Well, I can't do it myself, but I can do it with Someone's help. I'm really starting to believe that the joy of the Lord is something that doesn't have to be touched by physical circumstances. Isn't that so weird? Such a miracle.
It's been a roller coaster ride of sadness and happiness these past two days. Struggling to hang onto the promise of unspeakable joy, and then seeing it work its magic in my life. It really works. It's amazing.

And now, have yourself a listen, and be filled.
(Just in case--the above link is a link to a system song that was originally on one of those Family-sanctioned green variety tapes a long long time ago. It's a Christian song with a beautiful meaning, and I rate it two thumbs up!!!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


60% Vegetables.
It's very catchy. It needs a second half to shout back though, you know, like those good old Teen Slogans.
I cannot adequately describe my fondness for the word "roughage".


Taking a break with Pacman.
I must play this game on a regular basis.
60% vegetables, my friends.

Friday, May 18, 2007

i told ya i would

Steve loves to read blog posts about himself. Plus, I threatened that I would write one, so I will.The rock star came home yesterday and I picked him and his sidekicks (Shunnie and Jo kun) up at the station. We talked and talked and I milked them for funny stories. I asked them all those questions you just gotta ask like, "What sorta person was Haven?" "Was Julie Greeneyes nice?" "Is Tim Drummer as handsome as he looks?" "What kind of voice does Amaranthine actually have in real life?" And they answered each with patience and in detail. I am pleased.
He crashed in my room, and then we woke up early the next morning to go to the Embassy to pick up some Canadian passports.
Regardless of how cool Steve is and how talented and whatnot, he is still the most annoying brother alive. It's the cool, sorta funny side of him that causes this permanent smile to kinda stick onto my face, even when I'm getting SUPER pissed off at something he's doing. Today he was stroking me and hitting me and doing all manner of sick things while I kept telling him "THAT'S IT!!! CUT IT OUT! I'M GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!!!" This only fanned his evil flame. Somehow the thought of having yet another blog post written about him really excited him and he decided to keep annoying me until I could not stand it any longer and I hit him and he hit me and together we had a fun fun time of hitting one another.
Dad and Mom get back from scavenging for food, and Dad leads us to a yummy pizza restaurant where mom is sitting having ordered three huge pizzas for us. Of course, in true McNair style, we consume these very quickly (Steve slurping his food, as always), and need to order more. Of course Mom and Dad KNEW that we'd need to order more. I think they just like watching Steve and Dan beg like as if cheese is the only thing they could ever want and they'd be happy on a desert island with no girls ever if they could only have cheese right now forever please please...And then I had a traumatizing day at the American Embassy while I got my American passport. It was very scary, because I'm not used to Americans. Plus they made me solemnly swear with my hand in the air, and that was something very new for me. I laughed a little.That was the end of my long day. I am now going to do a big load of laundry so that I can pack my bags for FDTP. Goodnight.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

a forest of stars

It seems like every day this has been
An every day monotony
Since every day began
Ending where it started
It seems like every morning this has been
A constant red reminder
Of a faintly recognizable
Night light from a past life

And I imagine nights of marvel
In my small and wide-eyed way
Drifting in a rowboat
Waving to the quay

Well I'm letting go tonight
I'm letting myself slip
Into a waiting water
Into a forest of stars

It seems like coffee drenched the upside
Of all of my best ideas
Since I showered them
With a dull sense of discretion
It seems like moving right along inside
A weaving sort of time
Wondering if you'll run out
If you'll overshoot or what

And I imagine nights of starkness
In the dark and naked black
Drifting in a sifting land
Shaking off the sand

Well I'm letting myself go tonight
I'm letting myself slip
Into a waiting water
Into a forest of stars

(c) Florence McNair 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

yo yo

FDTP is in a little under a week and I have a lot of reactions to write up and questions to PNP. A lot of Word and a lot of godliness. GRRRReat.

Yesterday I was so happy to go to--probably one of my last--little teen events. I danced and jumped my socks off during inspiration, and then ran my socks off during get-out, and then danced and jumped my socks off during a sneaky little dance night all this with my socks actually on!!! Clever, ay?

I fancy these little snippets of info that I've taken to writing recently.

I got to be with Chala Cherisho today and Dad bought us some pizza at Costco. If I ever write a book or ever make an album or do something that gives me an opportunity to write acknowledgments, I will definitely acknowledge that pizza.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

will you look at that

With a spirit of fairplay and just righteousness, I will post a true blue "I have changed the banner" post.
Because sometimes people could come and be like "Whoa! Everything is changed with such order and purpose! A miraculous accident must have stricken here because there is no post telling me that the change was intentional! This is grave!" etc.
So I post.
Otherwise Elaina would just so that everyone knows it wasn't her that wrecked us (this time).

In other news, my legs are kind of wobbly and wiggly from too much intense leg exercising. I really overdid it yesterday, with weird Kathy Smith exercises on top of jogging and kick boxing. My legs feel like...mushrooms.

I miss Steve. I get into thinking about what he's doing and what he's up to. Without me to keep him in line he must be making all manner of unwise decisions and saying God-knows-what un-prayed-about things. He'll come home and I'll have to sort out all of his problems. (Insert another Hives joke. ha ha ha ha...ha)

I got a wedding invitation today. It surprised the living crud out of me.

Is there anything interesting to blog about? Anything at all? I'll get back to you on that one.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blues Clues

I think maybe only Elaina will understand this one:
Mom and Dad are making the rounds to all the different sites and blogs that they imagine might have some update about Wordstock and how Steve's doing (how many Hives breakouts he's had so far, etc) and we go to wordstockrocks.com and find this baby jewel of Steve doing what he does worst. Beautiful.
(Steve, I always told you "one of these days the world is gonna get a peek of you when you're free styling and it's not gonna be pretty." Now look. What's that about clues and blues?)

Monday, May 07, 2007


I've been in Gifu.
I spent the last 5 days in a theme park.
I just went to the dentist a couple hours ago.
My pain killers have just worn off.
My tooth hurts.

60% vegetables everybody!!! Peace out!