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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweet cameramen

I hate video interviews. Contrary to popular opinion I am very much of a shy person; the only way I manage to mask my shyness is with some sort of foolish sub-witty comments. But if I'm trying to be entirely and completely sincere and happy and godly, I can get very nervous, very fidgety, and very humiliated. I can do that thing where someone aims a camera in my face and I go "Yo wassap" and answer their questions very cleverly without actually answering their questions (and maybe doing a little dance for distraction). But when I get sincere, my face becomes this clean canvas of inner turmoil. Even when I've committed the whole thing to the Lord and said, "Lord, humble me, use me as You will," and I'm not even trying to be cool...I look like I'm desperately wringing my heart out. How does one look just blissfully happy in Jesus? Does it come with practice? How can I not look so pathetic please?


Anonymous Chuck said...

Dude. I was thinking the SAME thing when watching the PMA video interviews.

I should have been paying attention to their wonder working words - but all I could think was "man, how do they look so cool-ly sincere." If that were me, I'd be grinning slyly (you know, to make it look like I'm pro), trying to look like I do this all the time, and then I'd end up making a half joke that came out more like a snort.

But wait - does this mean you have interviews on the videos?

Wow - Florence in real life.

I'm going to go sniff those out just this little second.

6/01/2008 5:48 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Oh no, Chuck. You've made me disappoint you and I never even had any such intention. There are no videos of me talking in the PMA course. I just had to talk into a video camera at the kick-off and hope you never get to see it.
I love you and your creepy amounts of love for me.

6/01/2008 9:56 AM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

Don't worry - I didn't actually go look. :)

I realized that would be a foolish waste of time, since if there were such videos - they would come to me.

They always come to me.
(say that in a creepy voice)

You just articulate my mind so well sometimes that I have to salute you by commenting.


6/03/2008 4:31 AM  

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