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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Post For The Chickens

Dear sweet chickens that have been e-mailing me all manner of questionnaires and asking me why I never post them on my blog, here is your answer: I don't think so highly of myself that I think everyone's interested in the little insignificant details about me. I would understand if I was some sort of celebrity or if I did something tremendous and award-winning, that then maybe people might want to know then, but I don't think they really care now. That's why I don't bother.
But since more than two of you sent me THIS one, I will just go ahead and fill it out for you. Also it looks like a little bit of fun.

Have you ever...
Sung someone to sleep? Yes
Been to a psychiatrist? No
Baked a cake without a recipe? Yes
Recorded your voice? Yes. HAHA I got this funny mental picture of a sweet little teen boy recording himself narrating his own secret radio show on his little walkaman. It sounds like something I would have done when I was younger, heh heh.
Written a novel? Yes
Had a paying job? Yes
Considered a paying job? Yes
Lost a loved-one? Not really
Been in a band? Yeeeeeeeees.
Danced in front of people? Yes
Wanted children? Not...seriously.
Been to a concert? Yes
Cried yourself to sleep? Not that I can remember.
Met someone famous? Yes
Wanted to be famous? HA, yes.
Used a rhyming dictionary? Shameful. (Yes.)
Drew/painted a piece of art to completion? Yes
Streaked? Oh yes! Elaina and Phil, come and remember this with me.
Gone somewhere deliberately in the hopes of running into someone? Yes
Felt so incapable of expressing love that you cried? Yes.
Written a song? ...Can I lie?
Climbed a mountain? No
Wished you were the opposite gender? No
Stayed up all night? Yes
Been heartbroken? Uhhhhh...isn't that sort of relative? Something that might break someone's heart or...something that someone would consider "heartbreak"... Okay I'll just say I've managed to stay pretty happy despite and I don't think I'd have told anyone that my heart was "broken".
Been in love with someone who had no idea? ...No.

Do you...
Stop reading books halfway through? Only when they're a total waste of my time, and losing my "must finish the book all the way through" principles is a small sacrifice in comparison.
Sleep during movies? Only like twice in my life.
Cry during movies? No.
Talk a lot? Yes
Do you try to talk less? Oh God yes.
Sleep better alone? Not usually. I can't sleep very well with a person I'm not feeling entirely generous toward, though.
Own a pair of glasses? Two.
Pinch pennies? No
Quickly lose interest in projects? ...Unimportant ones, after I've discovered that they're not worth the time.
Misplace things? Not often. (Now that I've said this, just wait; the Lord'll make me lose a zillion important things just to humble me.)
Buy stationery before you need it? Terrible NWO. (Yes)
Love math? HATE IT.
Know a lot of random facts? ...Maybe? Not really?
Do romantic, thoughtful things for the people you love? ...Only when I have gotten over my fear of bothering them, being misunderstood, or going too far. I am quite a scared person.
Have difficulty getting rid of things you don't use? No
Notice and remember little things about people? Little things about their personalities, yes. Little things about the way they dress, or little things they do with their hands, not very well.
Prefer wine to beer? Not...really.
Do an accent? Hahaha yes.
Enjoy the spotlight? Not altogether afraid of it, but don't like to get into it more than is necessary.
Love board games? ...Not particularly.
Buy your own shampoo or toothpaste? ...Not currently.
Wish people would stop talking about you? ...I'm not MADLY wishing that, no.
Keep a journal? No, not unless you call a blog a journal.
Enjoy exotic foods? No. I have really mild taste buds.
Cook elaborately for yourself? Never.
Have expensive taste? No
Write on yourself? Yes.
Stay up late? Yes
Absolutely love your perfume/cologne or use it because you have it? ...uh. Neither. I bought it and liked it, but wouldn't buy it again. It works.
Wish you could be someplace else? Sometimes.
Miss people? Yes
Organize to a fault? ...I get a crazy impulse sometimes, and it takes a few seconds to come off of it and realize it's too much trouble and it would probably just annoy people more than it would benefit them.
Take a long time to be satisfied with your work? Not at all.
Wear clothes that are too big for you? No
Own more than 10 pens? Yes
Wear make-up every day? Certainly not.
Get angry often? No, unless you were to send me a lot of weird e-mails saying "UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!" May you burn.


Blogger Steve said...

that is a good one...how about u tell the whole truth next time...and don't try to get away with it...cause u won't ;D

5/13/2008 2:05 AM  
Blogger Amanda Rudow said...

I had fun reading that.


5/13/2008 8:47 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

...wow! a steve that i don't know! hi there!
amanda, that smiley face creeped me out mostly because you have long droopy eyes and i'm wondering when they got like that. (i love you.)

5/14/2008 9:04 AM  
Anonymous amanda said...


Oh, by all means let me introduce you two, then. Custom-made droopy-smiley, meet Florence.
(I love you too)
(that steve guy's comment creeped me out tiny bit. he just may have out-stalker-ed me, if you get my meaning)

5/14/2008 6:43 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...


5/24/2008 3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) look at that emo boy style at this blog:

1/28/2010 8:08 AM  

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