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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thinking about stuff, again

I contemplated posting prose on this site.
Just a bit of it.
But I don't think I will.

I picked up "Piercing the Darkness" again this afternoon; BIG MISTAKE.
I've already read it through twice, and every time I see it I pick it up and either consume select pages with my eyes, or I rant about it to the nearest moving object. It is a book that I could never hold a candle to in craftiness.

And the competition on the new Writers' Forum is leaving me sad. If anyone feels so inclined (and if you are a nice, un-spamlike godly gentle-human), sign up, read the stories, and vote.
Something of mine is included anonymously someplace therein.
You can't vote unless you sign up, but you can read.


Anonymous masa said...

you are writing prose flo.

8/18/2005 1:51 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

shut up.

8/18/2005 6:25 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Ahahahaha! Someone shares my passion for that book! I'm glad u enjoy "Piercing the Darkness," Flo!

I'm also glad I gave that novel to Elaina (yes, I officially give it to u, now), as I can't seem to control my time whenever I've picked it up to skim. It was, "either read it on ur Restnite, or don't read it at all," b/c I'd inevitably stay up till 3 in the morning reading it (not as fast a reader as Elaina, eheh)!

I think the closest thing to it in the HL bks is probably "Warriors: At the Edge of Time," b/c of the spiritual warfare in it, but Frank E. Peretti has an amazing gift for spinning plots, I gotta say. I think the first time I read that book, I was terrified by some of the descriptions, though (it was b4 we started getting all the info on spirit warriors & demons, & my poor uninformed mind was going, "Oh, God!! Protect me!")

8/18/2005 9:17 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

The plot is amazing. There is NO weakness in all of it.
You gave it to ELAINA? You did???
Any idea where one can get a temporary hold on This Present Darkness?

8/18/2005 9:19 PM  
Blogger aiko said...

I have This Present Darkness. You can borrow it whenever.
Can I borrow Piercing?

8/18/2005 10:49 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

Did you get it from Angel, by any chance....?

8/18/2005 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Whoa! Elaina! If u're on track, u're sharp!! I see the pieces coming together...

8/19/2005 12:14 AM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Flo, yes, I JUST now gave the bk to Elaina (for u both to read, of course). ;)

"This Present Darkness" & "Piercing the Darkness" was a set I bought after hving borrowed "Piercing" from a friend & missing it so much when I had to give it back. This was the only time in my life I ever bought any novels -- actually, I believe it was b4 any HL bks had come out, & wow, that was godly ...& riveting, to boot!

Years ago, I loaned the 1st bk to my good friend Angel, (that's y Elaina asked, Aich), but since then I was never able to track it down, & figured maybe it got lost somewhere down the line, oh well, PTL! (I thot the sequel was better, anyway.)

I was going to say u should read "This Present Darkness," too, in my 1st post, but thot maybe I shouldn't set u on a novel-buying spree, heh heh!

Just don't expect too much of the 1st bk, 'cuz IMO, Peretti was just getting into his spiritual warfare writing groove then, & so u may not get as much of a thrill out of it when u've already read the 2nd bk, but it's still pretty cool.

And one caution: If u hvn't already, get personal safeguards for time & frequency of reading those bks. God knows, I needed that safeguard of only reading it on my restnite, & even tho' I know u're stronger, & probably hv better control than I did, safeguards r important when it comes to novel-reading, especially riveting stuff.

8/19/2005 1:10 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Ahhh...I'm worse. I'm so bad. It's so hard not to read it during work hours...or (god forbid) even WORD TIME!!!
It has happened upon occasion. I must admit and cower my head in shame.
But Piercing the Darkness I read it in all innocence. I read it in two free afternoons. It was wonderful and guiltless.
I think I WILL take you up on that offer sometime, aich.

8/19/2005 1:03 PM  
Blogger aiko said...

I don't know for sure whose it was. It was on a bookshelf that was going to get cleared and all contents trashed, so I asked Mom if I could keep it.
It very well could have been Angel's (if you're talking about my sis Angel).

8/19/2005 9:39 PM  
Anonymous r4 ds said...

Someone shares my passion for that book.

11/08/2010 10:11 PM  
Anonymous batterie said...

I can't seem to control my time whenever I've picked it up to skim..

11/08/2010 10:11 PM  
Anonymous labatterie said...

There is weakness in all of it.

11/08/2010 10:12 PM  

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