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Friday, January 23, 2009

High Quality Photography Post

I have decided to take more pictures to post on my blog--let's just say, as a New Year's Resolution. (Wow, my only NYR for 2009 is to post more pictures on my blog. That's...fantastic.)
So basically, today I wielded (weld?) a camera and looked for recurring themes in my house. This is what I found. Following is my Signs on Walls in PC Home Collection: All Signs Currently Hanging On Various Walls Or Refrigerators. Behold.

Now the sign to the left is of particular mention. Not many visitors to our house are privileged enough to see it, because it is in one of the furthest corners of our house, the upstairs bathroom. The particular mention that I am going to make about it is--rumor has it that it was created and handled (scotch-tape and all) by my predecessor Phil. It is the only one of its kind that remains, since time (and toilet fingers) was not kind to the others and they were taken down. I honestly don't know why this one stays up, but the longer it stays fused bravely to our wall the more a part of the PC legacy it becomes. (Also, as a bonus, the photo includes sort of a sink-looking receptacle.)

Now this is sort of self-explanatory. I love the attention to detail (happy dinosaur stickers and adventurous misspelling of the word "review"). I believe the credit for this creation goes to Michael (who probably was moved to address the subject when he was home finance man.)

Another bathroom tidbit. I saw this one one day and marveled at the expert color coordination of the tacks. It is quite lovely and cute, and I wonder if it took the unknown benefactor very long to go search for 4 tacks of the same shape and different colors. Or...maybe they had a set...which would totally ruin the mental picture.

I wandered into Mom and Dad's room and snapped a few pictures of Mom looking tired at her desk and of Dad under his covers, and decided that it's probably not in the best interest of the excitement of my blog to post those photos. Mom did, however, invite me to take a photo of her cactus garden, which I find hugely thrilling.

Sigh. There is nothing interesting about this sign, really. I made it, and it's part of a whole set of a bunch of other quotes on the same ring. They're just bloody difficult to switch around because you've got to unhook it and shuffle with some papers, so it tends to stay on the same quote for quite some time. Which isn't a bad thing. I'm...just...saying... whatever.

The schedule, on a refrigerator. It's actually this genius (and consequently, incredibly difficult to understand for civilians) schedule template-hybrid made by Akira or Mia or somebody. It makes me feel smart that I look at it every day and actually see my NAME intertwined into something so complex and mathematical.

My personal favorite. God bless all TRF doers. It would be so interesting to see what would happen if the person in charge of the TRF just decided to take the people that didn't turn their stats in after incessant nagging off the TRF. Like, just..."Oh sorry, I forgot about you because I guess I didn't have your stats in my pile. Darn, I wonder whose fault that is?" I'm very thankful for love and forgiveness.

So that concludes my first high-interest collection of the earthy, cool sort of photographs that I am so good at taking. I was actually seriously considering posting a picture of Dan that I happened to get in a golden moment when I was outside of a room with my camera poised to take a shot of a sign on the door when he opened the door looking extremely tired and unamused, and stood there for a good few seconds wondering why I seemed so ready to take a picture of him outside the door. It was a very good moment, and the picture also is quite good (based on the value of humor, of course), but in the interests of not getting killed, I will only tell you about it and save the photo as a batering tool.


Blogger Aimee said...

Hi Florence,
I read your blog all the time it's hillarious. Was gonna visit Sunny when I went to the states this month, but didn't get time. I love your singing, keep it up. If you ever come to Tokyo, I can give you some make up (as per your birthday post--a tad late.)

1/24/2009 10:21 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Awww Aimee, you're so nice to me! I really should be in the area more often. (I secretly read your blog too sometimes because your kids are quite cute.)

1/24/2009 10:58 AM  

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