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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging...

I sat down here to write something, but it was so much easier to just sit, staring, sweating, and eating wilted nori, that I did just that for a few minutes. And a few more.
Now the nori's in it's rightful place and I'm here in earnest.
I was wondering to myself today, why, exactly, it is that I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much. It's how I prefer to waste my time; Mark plays a computer game, I read a stranger's views on life. Both entertaining, both pointless.
Here's my conclusion: It's really mostly voyeurism.
How do I ease the guilt of having peered almost uncomfortably far into someone else's life, of having glimpsed little intimacies they would never confess to me if they met me?
I ease it by blogging myself. Offering bits of me up on the altar of the Crooked to pacify some other stranger's voyeuristic hankerings. Balance is restored, and all is well.
Also, of course, I don't exactly blog for comments per se, but it is nice to be assured that I'm not talking to myself. I wait especially for comments from people who DON'T COMMENT. (I hope I'm heaping some coals of fire on some heads here, AHEM!)
The truth is, obviously, that I'm a sucker for comments. I may as well come out. No point in playing aloof. I'M A COMMENT JUNKIE. Fine. I guess I do blog for comments. Loser.


Anonymous Mash said...

How hot the coals of fire of Elania are!
(What's the html tag of smoldering?)

I will now make it a habit to comment on all your posts and delve deeply into your voyeurism.

I don't know, it just feels so good to be the dealer of a dependant junkie's last hit.

8/04/2005 9:49 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

One LAST hit for Elania, eh?
Thanks Mash, I knew I could count on you.
Your addicted friend,


8/04/2005 10:20 PM  
Anonymous perfect circle said...

computer games are a good waste of time!

8/04/2005 10:36 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

Good waste of time?

8/04/2005 10:59 PM  
Blogger Das None said...

I could have swarn it was Flo who wrote that and just to find its you! The shock was intence, but thanks for a laugh.

8/04/2005 11:03 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

You mean my post was THAT boring?
HAHAHAHAHa! Sorry Flo.

Checked out your new blog Dave...looks sweet. And green. You know how we love those gnarly colors.
Gotta say though, we miss you. You and your fuschia.

8/04/2005 11:27 PM  
Blogger Das None said...

Got to say miss yeah to, but this wasn't the place for me to hard to understand your die hard fans snicker. Sides I need a place were I can make my own lovely writing mistakes cackle. And we'll see how long I'm at this one. Hahaha.

8/05/2005 12:08 AM  
Anonymous lil said...

I understand that interest in other peoples blogs. I'm interested in this one, even though I don't know the both of you too well.. Maybe it's because you're the sister of a friend of mine, or you're just really interesting in the way you articulate your clever thoughts..I agree It really is strange when you find yourself lapping up someones day. so intrusive! yet aren't we all suckers for comments!! We all secretly want fans of our reality show.

8/05/2005 9:57 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

i did like comments on my site... until they weren't so fun anymore. i guess, sometimes its nice knowing who has been on your site and reading stuff about you.

8/06/2005 10:52 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

How dare you diss El, Dave.
El is more sophisticated and funny.

8/07/2005 3:43 PM  
Anonymous batterie said...

I will now make it a habit to comment on all your posts and delve deeply into your voyeurism.

11/08/2010 9:41 PM  
Anonymous labatterie said...

It just feels so good to be the dealer of a dependant junkie's last hit.

11/08/2010 9:42 PM  
Anonymous r4 ds said...

The shock was intence, but thanks for a laugh.

11/08/2010 9:42 PM  

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