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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I know I haven't updated in a while. I've been in Shiojiri visiting my good pals Tomo and Nao. Jonie was a side perk, because I only got to see him a few times.
But anyway, I've been busy, and updating the blog isn't exactly on my list of ultimate priorities. But here, I'll tell you something funny.
I had an early birthday party last night. We went out for get out that afternoon, played soccer and I totally rocked doing absolutely nothing. In fact, I think I let Tomo get a goal on our team, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. That afternoon, Tomo and I wrote a song together. Really corny love song to Jesus...it was cool, but in a corny way.
So they came over that night for "Word Night"...and we all signed Charter Membership Contracts and Provisional Charter Member Contracts. There were like 10 of us all together signing these papers. Jonie and I were being goofs...as usual.
And then Marvy and Mandy come in and announce that we're having a party in honor of someone. I totally clued out, I was like...Grandpa? Mama? Peter? And they suddenly say my name and I was like...yo...why?
I realized it is my birthday in a week, so I got all scared, because the night before we'd just had David's birthday party and we made him do twister with his kids while we all watched...among other things. So I screamed.
Basically, I had to spend a lot of the evening blindfolded, I was blindfolded Dulcinea tapping the floor with a stick while my blindfolded Don Quixote tried to find me...Jonie didn't do such a good job. And then the boys all lined up and took turns serenading me for the grand prize of a kiss and the loser boo of a kick in the pants. Jonie totally got the kick in the pants that he deserved.
"I'm in love with more than just my smile...I love the way I walk and talk..."
Haha, but it was rich.
Anyway, that was all very frantic typing, but I HAVE NO TIME! I love you.


Anonymous asialeon said...

Sorry I'm sooo late.. But happy bday Flo!!

You growin up for GOD!!

Me loves you!

Praying for you! Have a wonderful time!MWAH!

9/29/2005 2:22 AM  

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