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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random bits of things I'd like to say

So we got back from the Jusco show today, I'm wiped but I have that sweet fulfilled feeling like a candy lurking in the bottom of my mouth, slowly getting smaller but slowly giving off nice sweet tastes. What a gross analogy. (Elaina also asks me the thought provoking question: "Does your mouth have a bottom?" Heavy. And just now: "Does your bottom have a mouth?" Disgusting.)
Hey, I'd just like to mention that living with Elaina is like living with an elephant of wisdom.
So I got home and had a wonderful bible class with Kana. It was real great, and it contributed to that little candy upon which I now suck. (Elaina gasps)
OH we read that MLK about John "Why I dropped out" or something similar. I really liked it and I wanted to read it to Kana. Looking over it again after we read it, I realized that it isn't actually that extraordinary of an MLK, but it so happens that it was just perfect for our Bible Class. Hmmm the Lord works in mysterious ways.
In other news, I've been slowly making my trudge through The Art of War part 3. I've been totally slippery in my prayer life; there's that diagnostic test, and I didn't even want to do it, I went through it like one tenth and decided that I knew, without a diagnostic test, that I really seriously need help.
So I did a huge prayer last night in my bed in a faint attempt to make up for all the recent months of prayer-less-ness. I also realized my need to acknowledge prayer as something I need as well, as opposed to just something I do for intercessory purposes. I can't remember the last time I actually desperately prayed for MYSELF. Weird. BAD!!!
And again, Elaina has something to say: "And yet I can remember the last time I desperately prayed for you!"
I've got to stop typing what Elaina says.
Plus, I finally getting around to posting the URL of my sister Chiyoko (Sunny), who lives and works in Palm Springs, CA. She just bought a new house and a new car, and got herself a new blog!!!


Anonymous nina said...

Loved the "elephant of wisdom" analogy, & Elaina's interjections in this post made me laugh! I miss u guys.

12/18/2005 12:28 AM  
Anonymous Sunny said...

The "URL" doesn't take me to the blog... It takes me to some blog-related slit in cyber space, but not to The Short Bus. Might try again?

12/18/2005 12:24 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

OH...you're right!!!
There we go, I fixed it.

12/19/2005 3:46 PM  

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