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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Itchy Bandaid

I was going to type in "I Am You and You are Me" as the title for this post (don't ask me why) but when I got as far as the first letter, 6 titles of previous posts popped down just in case I was going to name a new post the same title as an old post, and wanted to save myself the time of typing it all out again. So I decided to avail myself of this convenience, and name this post "Itchy Bandaid", which I imagine is the name of a post that has gone down in the past; probably by Elaina since it's very poetic, and something I could never manage on my own.

You know, I had such complete and pure satisfaction at having posted something the other day, that I had difficulty realizing that it's become 4 days later and yet another blogging emergency, and am still riding on the feeling of fulfillment that I had 4 days ago. Still thinking that I bit the blogger bug...still thinking "there, I've gotten rid of that nagging feeling for at least four days."
AHHHH and the blessed 4 days are OVVERRRR!!!
You know, blogging has become a REAL pain. Want me to say it again? A REAL, REAL PAIN, as real as chemotherapy or labor.

Tomo my pal came to visit me for a grand total of 6 hours today. He wasn't "in the area" or "visiting a nearby home". He had to take a 2 hour train ride to get here and a 2 hour train ride to get back. Long walk, part of gift. 6 hours? Who's really counting anyway?
Everybody, SE NO

We went to Disney on Ice yesterday, and saw ice skaters dressed in outrageous costumes trying to pull off "Finding Nemo". We had real close seats and everything, but because my glasses are still vacationing in TNT home, I wasn't able to see much. Everyone was commenting on the handsomeness and strange expressions of the american ice skaters, and it was pretty sad to hear about everything I missed. But STILL. It was fun, cause I believe it's the first time I've never actually seen an ice-skating rink or people skating on ice with my own two eyes.

Hey, guess what? AIP camp is in 5 days. When you know what to expect and you've been going to camps for 3 years, it kind of creeps up on you. I think the whole camp experience gets TOTALLY screwed up (not necessarily in a bad way) because we have past experience and expectations.

And that's the end of my random news. See you again in four days. That seems to be the running span between posts.


Anonymous Ambie said...

Those glasses were yours? Oh my..well..better call about those soon. Or kiss them sweet goodbye.
Oh yes, I had a nice chat with your daddy. Tell him that I love him and sorry the connection went out.


9/20/2006 1:56 AM  
Blogger Pon said...

I get those feelings all the time like how many times have I posted this week? then, comes the question, What should I blog about.
but even if you post ever 4 days I'll still come read it, cause your blog is not like any other.

9/20/2006 11:01 PM  
Blogger Neo said...

Yeah, this blog is one of the more intesesting ones around.

9/24/2006 11:34 PM  

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