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Monday, August 20, 2007

A Birthday Shout to my sugar

Today is Aika's happy happy birthday.
I never thought I'd write an icky blog post about Aika. It's like taking a beautiful thing and stepping all over it and smashing it into the pavement. And then picking it up and giving it a little shake and then hanging it on a laundry line. Basically sort of a sick waste of time.
But it must be done at least once in my life. So here goes the one and only Aika birthday post ever. May it suffice for many birthdays to come.

Yesterday I went to sleep thinking about you, knowing your birthday was today. I woke up and after Word time I thought "Would it be too early to call Aika now? Yeah, they're probably still having word time...or sleeping because the little squishy woke them up in the night." And so I chickened out. All day as I was doing super exciting layout work at my desk I was thinking about making some fantastic card for you with naked men all over it. But then I realized you're married, and the naked man would have to be Jesse. I didn't want to tinker with that thought for too long...so I started thinking about you...and how nice you are...and how much I miss you...
And how things are going to be so different now that you've got a kid! I mean, my God! I'm going to see the you that was always hidden away waiting to explode out into the real world, the big mama tycoon that holds her baby in one arm and hangs the laundry with the other and soothes her whining husband with the other. Actually, I guess since you don't have three arms you can just give Jesse your foot.
I hate to say "Jesse is a lucky man" cause God knows how many times your friends have said that about him, and probably his friends all say "Aika is a lucky woman". So I won't say it. You are both lucky, and I am lucky to know you both. I'm lucky to have had a best friend like you for a good decade. You never let me down. You keep getting better and better. Like Forrest Gump.
I don't want to wish anymore excitement or surprises on you, because I know it's sort of inevitable. So may this next year be filled with enough peace and quiet to get you through the next twelve babies.

Ew, so much love in these picture!
I love you, sweetness.


Blogger Poochies said...

That's so sweet.
Happy Birthday Aika, I love you!! I'm so impressed that you're a mom now- Congratulations! I'm praying for you!
Mucho Love always,XXX

8/21/2007 12:34 PM  
Anonymous aika said...

wow, you always know how to catch me off guard... perhaps i would have expected that a couple years ago, but not now. perhaps i would have expected a birthday call (which by the way you forgot to make this year) but not a shout on your blog. i feel honored, if it was on anyone else's blog, id have been abhorred! it must have taken a leap of faith, because we both know how i feel about birthday-blog-posts...
my move went real well, i'm doing great, but i dont see myself being the faithful-est friend when it comes to keeping in touch, (i dont have a very good track record when it comes to faithfulness.) but dont think our lack of communication means we're drifting, or that we've lost it, because it never meant that over all these years. :)
ok, well the laundry must get done before the baby wakes up, and the husband must have his breakfast, so off i go to tend to things more important than you. :)
i love you, wish we could pig out on J.F and hard alcohol on my fine 18th, but i guess i'll wait a month till your 18th comes, so you wont get into trouble for getting whack with me. :)
alright, well come on up to aomori and see me, work out the details, the food and drinks are on me. love you!

8/24/2007 7:02 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Yes, honey. My plan exactly. I make a nice birthday blog post for you that you probably wouldn't find for several days, and then I let you go on feeling jilted for a little bit as I wait in the darkness, cackling with delight.
Needless to say, reality is somewhat less dramatic than my fantasies. I actually wrote the blog post fully intending to call you later, but got so totally whacko busy that I had to forget it.
How's it going, we've always kept in touch when it mattered. We just never sweat the petty things.
And you know that I will pig out on J.F. and hard alcohol with or without you.
Just a little jaykay!!!
Heh. I love you.

8/24/2007 9:08 AM  
Anonymous aika said...

very public communication, so many private things i cant say... :)
ok, well i had to run during our chat, and i probably wont see you around real soon, so just mail me when you know when you can come, and i'll make all the other arrangements.
love you

8/24/2007 8:04 PM  

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