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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Someone hold me

Beautiful people of love and light, I've been doing a little bit of thinking.
Actually, statistically speaking, my brain has been so fried these past few days that the overall acts of hardcore thinking have taken a nosedive and my brain has been sort of petering out in terms of "usage," if you...get...my drift (which is, admittedly, quite drifty).
So the thinking has brought me to a nice little place of green grass and butterflies, otherwise known as, the Somewhere-Over-The-Rainbow of a BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL IDEA. (The "scenic" way to say "I had an idea.")
I spent the last FIVE hours (which probably should've been spent doing a whole bunch of other timely work; just you wait, one of my supervisors will see my blog and keep a more slimy eye on me from now on) looking for material for a Bible class. The reason this happened to me is, I was going to do an easy thing and whip out one of those AWESOME ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and EASY PEASY 12 Foundation Stones classes, but I kept getting this dull sort of thud in the back of my mind that told me there was something else that the Lord wanted me to do with Yumi this time. "She's been having THESE questions and THESE trials, Florence, you can't just be like YAY let's read about the Endtime!!!" Christ said to me, in my inner soul. So off I race to my home library with absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to put together for her or where to start looking. So I find something interesting, which reminds me of something else, and something else, and takes me down a wild goose chase through GNs of all sorts, on to looking for Japanese translations, on to trying to compile stuff and cutting stuff that didn't feel right after it had felt SO right for five whole minutes. Then my Word compilation that had felt so burning and powerful at the time that it was being thrown together, after being reread by me, seemed to totally miss the mark. And did, in fact, totally miss the mark. So it was deleted into the giant desertspace where failed Word compilations go to DIE.
While this little experience gave me a renewed love for the 12 Foundation Stones, as well as every single human being who had a hand in putting it together (Brazillians, Indians, all of you!), it helped me to realize that, even with the massive amounts of blessings that the 12 FS bring, we're still incredibly underhanded as far as tools for the Offensive go. So little is translated, so little is neatly accessible. With all of the disciples that have been won and all of the witnessing that has been going on all around the world in these past decades, you'd think there would be more stuff that people put together. I'm SURE there is more stuff, but...it just...vanishes. It's used once and then...AND THEN WHAT??? SOMEONE TELL ME!!!
Is there any way we could share these goodies? It would save me time!!! It would save YOU time!!! We would be all happy children of David!!!
I googled "aghhhh" and this is the image that I got. I have to say...it portrays the feeling quite well. Go therefore and molest your eyes.

Someone hold me.


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