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Monday, January 26, 2009

Facts From Foolish Florence For Fruitful Fulfillment!!

Florence (the absolute undeniable expert) tells you about her current experiments for increasing productivity (and tries to sound super motivational about it, just to inspire herself. Rahhh!):

  • Wake up a little earlier than you're used to (only five minutes can do the trick) and take the time to match your clothes, comb your hair, and splash water on your face. A complete 100% better than just walking into devotions from having climbed out of bed. (Better yet, if you're a superhero, you can make your bed!) Some people manage to wake up a LOT earlier than this and go jogging or do some other exciting activity. I have tried and failed, so I sympathize with those of my brothers who belong with me in the sloth family.
  • Start exercising. Just starting is a good place to focus all your concentration. Don't worry about continuing, it's sort of something that just follows. Starting is the only real difficult thing!!!
  • Start doing all the little bunches of tasks at the beginning of your day, if your schedule allows for it. I've found that if I can knock off a bunch of little to-dos at the beginning of the day, it gives me much more inspiration to tackle the work that tends to come in blocks of several hours later on in the day. Get that successful feeling!!!
  • Buy DOWNY for your laundry!! It's a serious kick in the pants. I am now LOOKING for laundry to wash.
  • Get a new method of time managing--a new scheduler, a new calendar, a new task-manager program on your computer. I have found myself sinking into the depths of nothingness only because I felt stupid about getting a new schedule when the other one wasn't finished (changing horses in the middle of a stream), or trying to pretend that I was all time-managed (putting lipstick on a pig), or spending too much time inputting to-dos that I thought it was better to just forget the process in favor of just doing stuff. Valid reasons for feeling stupid, all of them, but I have decided that if it helps me out for a bit, I'm just going to DO IT.
There is a quote by God-knows-who that says something to the effect of "In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail." And all this business of making yourself a harder and more effective worker is a GREAT ATTEMPT my friends!! Let's make those distances between the failures shorter and shorter.
(I hope you realize that the part up there where I said I was the absolute undeniable expert...was...a...joke...)


Anonymous Steve said...

Your "High quality Photography" isn't off to such a good start, with this photograph. Let me guess, the name of this piece is "nostril"?

1/26/2009 4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really Flo, that is some photo. I think it was better off deleted. You are so much more beautiful than that. Maybe you should be more quality control minded.

1/26/2009 8:40 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

Hahahahahahaha Anonymous, you crack me up. Are you my Dad?

1/26/2009 9:12 PM  
Anonymous Joans said...

oh pssh, not sloth family! lack-of-energy family. Ppl that can exercise early in the morning are some sort of aliens with loads amount of magical energy.

1/27/2009 1:09 PM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Hey uh....this is a stupid question but, what does Downy do?

1/28/2009 5:57 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Depends. Most people would use Downy because of its capabilities as fabric softener. I use it mostly for the fact that it smells reaaaally nice!

1/28/2009 2:06 PM  

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