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Friday, May 29, 2009

The best snack ever (inconsequential information)

The best snack in the world: Jagariko!!! I like to eat these when I am travelling because they are a snitchy food that you can eat with one hand, touch with little fingertips, and savor with a heartful of loooove. I have nothing but love for them.
When I was in this tiny little train station on my way to Shiojiri a couple weeks ago, I had to wait for a good 40 minutes for the next train to come, and it was raining and I was tired and so I went to the tiny little kiosk to cheer myself up with some Jagarikos.
That's the next great thing about them, is you can get them anywhere!!! Work!!!
Anyway, there were these nuns standing there eating their own Jagarikos, and they were so godly and sweet that (kind of like some FGAs you know...) they were trying to make eye contact and probably would've tried to start talking to me if I'd looked at all inviting. But I was just interested in being Japanesey-mousey and getting my Jagarikos and having private quiet time on the bench. So basically I bought my Jagas, barely opened the package before my computer that I'd tentatively leaned against my leg starts slowly slipping down to the ground, and in one fell swoop I reach to save it and my ENTIRE cup of Jagas spills onto the ground. The ENTIRE...brand new...whole collection of Jaga sticks.
At this point the nuns look more or less sympathetic and start to offer their own Jagarikos, but I try to be really cool and brush it off like as if it doesn't really matter to me that I spilled my entire cup on the floor. "Yah, I'm fine. If they didn't want to be eaten...it's their loss."
Man. That sucked. All the way on the train I wanted Jagarikos.
And then Nao bought them for me. And I ate them, and was glad.
And...yeah. Basically I like Jagarikos.


Blogger Elena said...

hahah FLORENCE!! I love Jagarikos too! I sooo agree with you, I always buy them before I go on trains. Or I used to... If I spilt them I might have "cried over spilt jagarikos!" hehe! so how's Chiba doing without us?? :D

5/30/2009 1:13 AM  
Blogger ditzydevil said...

AAHHHH! I love them too!! I like that they don't leave ANYTHING messy on your fingers.

6/06/2009 7:24 PM  

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