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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Smoo and Me

I've heard a few veteran mothers insist that prime time for getting pregnant is immediately after you send off all your old baby clothes like bread on the waters.
If there's anything to that superstition, then conception is imminent.
Today Mark and I hauled and sorted through piles of teeny onesies and booties and bibs. He hauled, I sorted...and got sentimental about baby socks.
Michelle's such a big-girl (1and 4 mos.) now, waking up all happy from her naps and walking naked to the next room to find me, babbling about people she misses (Nina, Jesse, and Kelly) , and staying home with Grandma when we go to shows.
It's getting harder and harder to pretend she's still a baby, especially when she calls her dolls "baby", gives them a bottle, sits them on a coffee mug for a potty, and shushes them to sleep on their tummies.
She even refuses to say Mama anymore, not even to sing a song. She looks at me, all annoyed, and corrects me, "MoMEE!" Darnit!
Sometimes, secretly, I want another little wrinkly, wailing, spit-uppy one.
That's the way, Elaina, willingly doom yourself, why don't you.

It looks as though Mark and I will go to the Livehouse together tommorrow and Michelle will stay home with Grandma and Grandpa. She's been with Grandma for naps but it'll be the first time she's been away from me for the night, and she usually nurses to sleep, so please pray that she'll be able to go to sleep easily and that she won't miss us too much. Pray for Micah and Merry too.

Song of my day:

Someday--Sugar Ray
What decrepit memory banks does this stuff crop up out of?

People of my day:

Ryan, Rejoice, Windy, and Alisa
Brave preggy women.

"Sheesh! Get over it already, Mom!"


Anonymous Mash said...

You are the coolest, hippest Mom ever. (Tie with Win)

Now that we have that over with, what was I gonna say?...Right..can you adopt me?

Fine, too far fetched?

Then could you name your next wrinkly, wailing, spit-uppy Mash?--a mini-mash!

(I'm not comfortable with baby stuff. I'm just trying to follow through with my previous cyber-stone written promise. God, I hate the internet.)

8/05/2005 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Mash said...

I'm never able to move on like *snaps fingers* this.
People have friends and entire relationships, but they forget. They move on like they change random cereals.

But I feel each person has their own specific brand of qualities and you can never replace anyone. What is lost is lost.

What I'll miss about you and Michelle will be the little specific details that are so mundane. Like the way when you talk/argue with me, you never take your eye on Michelle. Or on night walks when she's scared and needs to hear "Brushy Brushy" or "2xTables" from a familar voice to chase her fear away.

That, in this fucked up world, is pure and beautiful and frankly, admirable.

8/05/2005 2:04 AM  
Anonymous Mash said...

Whoops, meant to quote that up there.

8/05/2005 8:03 PM  
Blogger florecita rokera said...

Kudos to Ryan

8/06/2005 12:21 AM  
Blogger zupa said...

ha! that's a great pic

8/06/2005 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

"I want another little wrinkly, wailing, spit-uppy one."
Elaina, I'll totally share my baby with you...when he's wrinkly, wailing, and spitting up..i can help make your wish come true.

8/06/2005 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Michelle babbles about me?? No way!! I wish it were true -- I'd be so flattered! Just seeing that made me miss her so much I almost cried. Kiss her for me, Elaina!

8/08/2005 1:26 AM  
Anonymous batterie said...

You are the coolest, hippest Mom ever.

11/08/2010 9:47 PM  
Anonymous labatterie said...

I'm not comfortable with baby stuff.

11/08/2010 9:47 PM  
Anonymous r4 ds said...

They move on like they change random cereals.

11/08/2010 9:48 PM  

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