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Sunday, February 12, 2006

G-O-N-E GONE like Uncle Zeb sang

My fever (I owned it, okay, not vice versa.) which was my companion the past three days, which dragged me by the internals like an overenthusiastic alien up up and away to 41 C and the woozies, my fever which had me perched in a compromised position over our japanese toilet with a muscle cramp in my thigh and the convulsies* all over *like the shakes during transition, only less scary and more funny. The cramp was like a cramp, case you were wondering. my yucky yucky fever has gone back to where Jesus makes all bad things go when they've run their course. And oh, it feels so good.
Like a good run-on sentence with no regrets.
Sure, I still have a nagging cough, leukemia lips, and a feeling not unlike that of one who has been squished by a slow train, but it still feels so good.
If you did, thank you so much for praying for me.
Michelle pounced on me when she woke up, and when Mark admonished her about mommy being sick she snuggled up and told me, "Don't worry, Mommy, I hold you." Worth every ache for moments like that, and all the awesome Word I got to read. Can't get enough, it is impossible. I may have just had my first ever week long feast! Yeeehaw!


Blogger Florence said...

Gosh I miss Uncle Zeb's Inspirations. Good days man. Those kids were real good at bouncing enthusiastically for extended periods of time. Uncle Zeb was a real charismatic guy!!!
I'm so glad you're getting better! I've been praying for you!!! (I'm strectching my prayer muscles and it feels nice)
I've been getting really well acquainted with Michelle...so TYJ!!!
(We did a lot of bouncing on the magic sponge. OH, whaddaya know! It's Uncle Zeb!!!)

2/13/2006 2:32 AM  
Blogger ambie said...

You should come here, we're like Uncle Zeb groupies.

2/13/2006 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

YESS!! I'm so glad it's gone! We were praying for u, Elaina, praying very hard! Amazing, u managed to get Word-time in the midst of that haze? Then Jesus did even more than I asked Him to! I'm so thankful, & it's so good to hear from u again.

How is everyone else? Praying for them, too.

2/14/2006 6:21 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Wow...you make fevers and being sick sound HORRIBLE!!! i did pray for you. looooove you hunnie.

2/14/2006 9:25 PM  

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