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Friday, May 26, 2006

Just another little revelation

When you start integrating these weapons into your life, it shouldn't be a matter of "your feelings" versus "what the Lord says I have to do." You must fight to make them so much a part of you that after a while, using them comes automatically. In the case of the Law of Love weapon, focus so much on the good and Jesus in others, get so full of the Lord's Spirit, pray for so much love, base so many of your actions on love, that anything ugly and selfish gets washed right out of your heart, and a loving response becomes your first response.
That's what the Lord's love is. Isn't that what His love is toward you? You don't feel Him up there fuming and snarling about a mistake you made today, and then deciding to try and be nice anyway. His love is so overwhelming that He sees your sincere heart trying your best to please Him in spite of all your failings, and your potentially irksome weaknesses only spur greater compassion in His heart to want to encourage and lift you when you're faltering.
The weapons of the Law of Love and brotherhood can activate in your heart that same love, those same good reactions and understanding and faith in others. And you can try it with your other spiritual weapons too. The more you praise, the more praise will become a habit, a good first reaction. The more you pray, the more prayer will become a part of you, and you'll naturally be more prayerful. Making your spiritual weapons a part of you is key to having the changes you desire, and being able to defeat the Enemy before he gets too far in any of his evil plans.

I love this quote because that's what I want. Love, praises and prayers that come NATURALLY, PREEMPTIVELY, from my SOUL. I want to do these things out of the DESIRE to DO THEM...not the desire to obey the Lord or do the right thing...but because I really sincerely DO love these people...I really sincerely DO want to praise and pray.
Wow. It's all in making it a habit.
Lord help me and my spastic work ethic.

(Quote, by the way, is from AOW pt6, paragraphs 192-194)


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