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Monday, June 26, 2006


Mostly in the interests of removing the substance that suspiciously resembles a purple poop (not necessarily SUPPOSED to be one) from jumping at you as soon as you visit.
I am posting this:


Enjoy. Or don't. But if you do, go ahead and comment.

I wrestled with the thought of posting it. But as with all things I wrestle, the opposing side won, and the link is posted.
If you don't like me, you'll find a lot in the poetry that is ungodly and unsanitary. If you're going to read anything, let it be the disclaimer in the sidebar. Long-winded, but eloquent in a Florence way.
It's not necessarily going to be frequently updated. I don't write poetry anymore. If you look super closely at the dates, you'll realize that the most recent pieces were probably written over a year ago.
Just as a little math trick; I am 16, it is 2006, so if something is written in, say, 2002, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I probably was 12. So the 03s and 04s are...indicative.
Big smile.


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