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Sunday, October 15, 2006


OC Camp went well. I got back day before yesterday but I was too squished to think of anything other than sleep and sleep-ins and sleep-related happy things. So I had a nice freeday wherein I slept in and heard from the Lord and wondered what my sisters were up to since they are fraternizing together off on the farside of the world. And then today I went to the Love.
The Love is a gathering of leading Universities in the Tokyo/Yokohama/Chiba area. They get together to have some kind of discussion or forum in English. The University that organizes it always invites the Family's group of young people called True Colors to come and be the native English speakers and sort of instigate the discussions. Obviously, it's a really good way to meet sheepy labor leaders and get in a good witness. It requires quite a bit of wisdom and discretion, though, since you're kind of putting the entire future of the ministry on the line if you offend someone or come across as too pushy with your beliefs.
For me, being a first-timer, it was very interesting. I really felt like I bonded with them and communicated with them on their level. We did a project where we mapped out some imaginary tourist trip to the US, and then we had quite a bit of time to introduce ourselves and get to know each other. All 9 people on my table got saved, and they each received Activated, which we talked about for quite a while. Some of the people gave me their e-mail addresses and want to come visit our home in Chiba, although most of them were from quite a ways away.
It was quite a gift of the Lord's mercy. Just last night and this morning I spent at the edge of a cliff of pretty substantial discouragement, mostly concerning the AIP. I just moved to a new situation within the last few months, and adjusting has been a surreal experience, sometimes happy and sometimes difficult. For the most part, I feel like I'm making nice steady forward progress, but just recently I felt like the Lord kind of overstepped himself with the AIP. Like he was setting too big a challenge. I felt like maybe I was supposed to ignore the AIP. I didn't feel the call or the burden this time around. I didn't actually feel like it had much to teach me. On top of those feelings, I realized that I was also battling with pride in wondering what would happen if I lost, or got a mediocre amount of points. I felt like I would rather be able to tell people "I'm too busy" or something, and get away with not signing up at all. There were a lot of points stacked up in favor of me being a lazy-ass and not getting on board.
As always, the Lord got through and helped me realize that I needed to hear from Him about it. So I did. I spent quite a while hearing the different angles and aspects of what the Lord had to say. I feel inspired. My priorities are definitely straightened out now.
The Lord was telling me that it's a mistake to run on the faith from "last time", or to go by yesterday's counsel. That's why we need Him--because the plan of attack is always changing and we always need more faith to meet the new challenges. So having asked the Lord for this boost of faith and this anointing to obey the Lord and trust him for wherever he leads, I was a lot more inspired, and the witnessing at the Love was kinda like the cherry on top of the cake. TYJ.
I don't have any ideas for getting lots of points, and I don't think I'll have time to get out a lot, because there are a lot of things stacking up for me to do around Christmas, but where the Lord guides, He provides. I can't wait to see what He has in store.


Anonymous aiko said...

Too cool. I must see you.
Don't come on Wednesday if you can help it. I'm not going to be here till nighttime or evening on Wed.

10/16/2006 1:15 PM  
Anonymous Nina said...

All u know is whether you're doing the very best u can under the circumstances -- & that's all that counts. I think u are doing your very best, & b/c u are, you're a winner no matter what the points turn out to be.

10/18/2006 11:53 PM  

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