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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Here! Here's something I can share!

The last few weeks I've been struggling against a big explosion of sinusitis (I don't know if it was actually big, but it was inside my eardrum, so it sounded pretty big). The oddest thing about it this time (and maybe only people like Mark will understand this) is that my ear has popped and drained 3 times in rapid succession without ever regaining its hearing or completely draining. Like, bam bam bam.
When this happens, it means beanie hats and bandages on my ears. Yesterday I shoved all my hair into this hideous pink hat with a fluffy ball atop it, and that got three people to tell me I looked like a cancer patient.
But basically, it's been a series of interesting realizations for me.
Like the other day, when I promised Senor that I would spend 2 hours of undisturbed time with Him, my ear started hurting--and got worse, and more distracting (obviously). Usually when I get a bad earache I go somewhere where people can pray for me, where I can get a Tylenol or two, (where people sympathize when I'm writhing in pain. Heh heh).
But this time, I felt Senor's tug on me. Like a disappointed, pleading sort of tug. Like, "you promised!" You know?
So I told Him that my earache was a little distracting, and I wouldn't be able to concentrate unless I went and got myself some healing, or unless He healed me for me (and for Him, obviously, since He was the one who wanted me to stay).
And then it sort of solidified the idea of flesh versus spirit in my head. Like, why run around and pretend like I CAN make the pain go away, when the Lord's the only one that can, and the Lord's the one that really wants to? Heavy stuff. It's like...you think you understand it when you read it, but then it goes and illustrates itself to you and you understand it in a completely different way. Like, other-dimensional kind of understanding.
All that to say, my ear started slowly started numbing down to a soft gnawing and I was able to complete my marathon with el Senor.

This morning we read AOW pt.7, Parallel Wars. It was real interesting, and it made me think about how I get sick real easily all the time, and how I've been using sinusitis and my weak immunity system as an excuse. Recently, because of how bad it's been, Dad and Mom have been seriously on my back day and night getting me to drink tons of water. Like, "Good morning! Did you drink a liter of water yet?" Of course, even without their nagging, I realize that I need the water in order to flush out my system, not only when I'm sick, but all the time. You remember, El, how much I hate drinking water.
They've also been urging me to drink lots of orange juice with cayenne pepper in it. My problem with this is that I don't like spicy things and can't take so much of it, so it's slow progress. They also make me apple cider vinegar water (at least Mom puts honey in it. Heh, you know Dad's one of those "take a shot and get it over with" kind of guys).
And while we were reading, I kept thinking about the water. I kept thinking about how I'm always doing uro uro at night and never go to sleep on time. How I always wake up at the last minute before devotions because I'm so tired, and miss those wonderful morning minutes. How I exercise real faithfully the month that I feel like it, and slack off when I'm concentrating on other things.

So you can pray for me, my sickness and my fighting to make myself stronger. Or you can tell me about YOUR Parallel war.

PS: The reason this post has no picture, is because it was a toss-up between posting one of those boring diagrams of the ear or a picture of a body going YOISHO. Neither of which sounded too inspiring.


Anonymous Mara said...

We read that this morning too! It was very inspiring, just like you said. Very eyeopening for everyone, I should imagine. Especially me. I was thinking the entire time about my bad health habits.
I really like coffee all the time. The Lord's been recently asking me to forsake my coffee, but it's always been quite a battle. I don't have much self-discipline in that area. Especially when I can't see visible results with every cup of coffee drank or not drunk.
Also exercise. I don't know many Family members (at least in this area) who are good at getting lots of exercise. Most just assume that if they can walk and run and are at a decent weight, they're doing fine, and that exercise is just something to solve problems. LHM, I really need more exercise.
God bless you! I don't have a blog so this was a good place to get my own feelings out. Sorry about that!

2/28/2007 8:42 PM  
Blogger Pon said...

well I shall pray for your illness

3/02/2007 12:02 AM  
Anonymous Sunny said...

Oh, I hate drinking water too! Don't know why. The only time I ever get near enough is when I'm working out pretty hard, and even then it only brings me up the average.

3/02/2007 3:24 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

I think it's easier for men to drink water than it is for women. Probably because their water actually has a chance to evaporate from their bodies.
Even when I'm working out pretty hard, I see men taking huge glugs of water and downing a cup at once and moving onto the next. When I take a water break it only takes one nice gulp to satisfy me. I only end up getting through a cup or two by the time I'm done. Which is only 1 or 2 eighths of the amount of water one is SUPPOSED to be drinking. And that's on a good day.
Now I have an Aquarius bottle (2 liters) that I'm supposed to be emptying every day. I don't...everyday. Some days. About half of the days I make it to the two-thirds mark.
I hope Dad never reads this. Heh heh. He will I know it.
BUT I'M MAKING IT SLOWLY. I'm discovering new ways to take water into my body. And I'm climbing the ladder, DAD!

3/02/2007 7:43 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

TWO liters? Wow, GBY! I hv the hardest time drinking water when I'm cold; I just want something hot to drink, but that means coffee, tea, or soup, all of which are dehydrating. Thank God the weather's warming up early this year (though it kinda makes me worry about summer) -- it does make it easier to drink water. Now I just hv to remember more often.

I cld go on & on about all the other aspects of my parallel war, but it's late & I should be asleep...

Suffice it to stay, we're in the same boat; I'll pray for u if you'll pray for me!

3/03/2007 12:38 AM  

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