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Thursday, April 12, 2007

NOT a birthday post

For the following reasons:
1. Birthday posts are usually fairly on time, or at least apologize for being late.
2. Birthday posts are romantic, smart, sweet, and all those things, which are entirely out of character for me.
3. This post does not have a picture of the person whose birthday it celebrates, and so it does not classify as a true true blog birthday post.

If this is NOT a birthday post, it behooves me to tell you what it IS.
It is a small drop in celebration of a great ocean. It is late, and it is small, but it has a heart. It is a barely blossoming idea in commemoration of an ideal.
It is intentionally late. Maybe it should be more late. I figure if you're going to be late, you might as well run with it. Once I discovered that it was your birthday, I decided that, to post a birthday hurrah like as if I'd known all along would be close to evil deceit, and so, in depiction of the truly terrible and latent person that I am, I am saving my hurrah for later. Which is now. Maybe it will be more appreciated, now that you don't expect it. Maybe you won't even read it for a while, since you've finished making the blog rounds to see all the nice things people said about you. You might even laugh because I've spent a few paragraphs talking about everything BUT your birthday, and you.
Happy birthday. Thank you for being...you know...just...nice to me.
You're juuuust wonderful.
I think and think about you and never get tired of the thought of you.
I try to turn those thoughts into prayers. But somehow praying for you is not as fun as just...thinking about you. Cause when you pray you can't just go on and on and waste Jesus' time. Plus Jesus already knows how wonderful and smart and nice and...
I wish I could see you more.
I hope to cut out flannel graphs with you again one day.
Much love.


Blogger ditzydevil said...

I CANT BELIEVE YOU didnt show up at the chiba fellowship on the 10th. i admit you had a decent 10 percent of my anticipation, and you were a HUGE let down.
dont let it happen again!
haha. luv u

4/12/2007 9:46 PM  
Anonymous Aiko said...

Flannelgraphs? I can send them to you and we can do it over the webcam. You're hilarious.
Thank you. Why didn't I see you on Tuesday? I missed you.

4/13/2007 2:56 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

I was in Shizuoka getting my teeth drilled to death.
But that's so sweet that you guys remembered me! I feel so fuzzy inside! I'm almost glad that I didn't go, I get to hear all this mushy stuff!!!

4/13/2007 9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FLO its MY birthday soon! day after tomorrow WILL YOU CALL?!
hheh. Love you

4/14/2007 11:56 PM  
Anonymous aichiko said...

Joshy? My Joshie? Happy Birthday!

4/16/2007 2:09 AM  

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