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Friday, March 30, 2007

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam

By popular demand some Nancy Hagen Yitmas classics, circa 2003:

Flagrant Cars

Penile retreating of flagrant cars
That disregard my works
And realize, with smirks
Fading, with the final slough
Bent upon a pensive brow
Oh, audio with written words?
How can it make a lisp
Of paper, smelling crisp
That realizes, oh this book
Written for impatient kook
That I am with the help of electricity
Miles of maiming serendipity
And equal visions of unique grandeur
That hides behind the coral spin
Of seabed writers, all within
Yes, the seabed writers
And unsurpassed lighters
To light this sinfull liquor net
And step upon this cigarette
Now, return to flagrant cars.

Four three five

Regardless of this internal travesty
The pandemonium that inward dwells
To seek forgotten frailty
That I had lived when thought so strong
Yet, sadly, moulded, all along

The whisper of the faintest shriek
Of wind and rain that, howling, cry
To wash away each heart-rent pain
And give the strength to once retry
Nevertheless, tossed to the sky
That never returned to my own eye.

This heartless, cruel frame of sand
That washes Pilate's bloody hand.
To sit and muse the scholar's writ?
What cancerous patient can understand?


I could enrich
With blended swabs
Of saturated cream
And Oreos
The fullness
And frivolity
Of your skinless rogue
And barbed-wire lips
Of peeling skin
And mangled smile.

Withersoever With Hearful of Washing

With the smarter wharf of with
That tried, with eyeing whistle fith
To spy the sleazy orange flute
That you claimed that wasn't yours as loot.
This morbid listy wishing-game
That found me harbouring your name.
A lish, and lots of laughing lips
To, forever in disguise
Reward with resource of hickled male
That making, liking, wanting, wise?
To, wanton, winding down to frail
A trickling drop that is my trail
To forever before the pale sunrise.

Of Straws

I am alone in this world
Because I guard my coffee
I esteem it higher than the companionship
Of empty human conversation.
I sit, surrounded by walls
That cannot be penetrated
By the strongest of straws.


Anonymous Chuck said...


I like, refreshed the page and


Also - what kind of straws? Drinking straws because you don't want people siphoning off your coffee? Or cow straws because it's such a nice irony that straws are never strong....?

I'm confused

3/30/2007 11:44 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Drinking straws...?
No one can know the mind of Yitmas.

3/30/2007 1:34 PM  
Anonymous Aiko said...

Wow. Classic. where'd you come up with that NAME?

4/01/2007 12:43 AM  
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