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Saturday, March 03, 2007

ducky ducky

After throwing around a few work e-mails, Joanie attaches these pictures to a message that was entirely non-related.
It really tickled my spazzy nerve that likes random and embarrassing things.

Aha! Look which of my relatives made her way into that picture and is wishing I never posted it!!!I can explain this. I will begin by denying its existence and then I will deny the existence of every article of clothing that I am wearing. I can also claim that I've never stood in that position nor made that face to any living soul in my life before, and certainly not to the camera that took this photo. This is an outrageous attempt to make me look...well...strange!!! And I've never wanted to appear strange in my life!
No so I guess I can't explain it. But you can enjoy it.

Now THIS one, I cannot explain. Joanie? (Yes, I understand the resemblance to Mike, but why?)


Blogger Pon said...

well the first picture I don't get (naturally cus I don't live there or know anyone there).

The second picture of you,well not really you cus you would never want to look like that I enjoyed very much

and the last picture... well maybe I shouldn't say it.

3/03/2007 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Flo... I don't know, Flo... I just don't know.

3/04/2007 9:44 PM  
Anonymous nina said...

I didn't know Joanie was related to u! How? Heheh.

I enjoyed the caption to your photo almost more than the photo itself! :D

Good to c u today; I'll be praying your ears heal completely. Genki de ne!

3/04/2007 11:20 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

I'm sorry Mark. I'm sorry.

3/07/2007 11:43 AM  
Blogger Elaina said...

Our first ever explicit picture to grace our squeaky clean blog.
Are you sure we don't need to put some kinda age warning/disclaimer thing in our footer now?

3/08/2007 1:28 AM  
Anonymous aika-chan said...

flo... i dont know, flo, i really dont know...

3/11/2007 9:12 AM  
Anonymous abner said...

the monkey is totally the bomb!

4/03/2007 5:25 PM  

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