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Monday, February 04, 2008

The Happy Hello and A Fond Farewell

The Happy Hello:
Hello Flo! I was so happy to see you pogo-ing about at the dance the other day! And I really enjoyed our quicky hug. But then I missed you. I want to buy you shirokuma ice-cream and pilfer most of it and hang out in your teeny tiny room and read all your random notes on your walls and hear all your latest scandals.

The Fond Farewell:
I had some weighty mixed feelings about coming here and finding I was finally officially evicted from this site.
I know. It's because I haven't posted on it in many moons.
That's because I have a (not-so) new (not-so) secret blog where I don't post either. Fancy that!
But still. It made the mental part of my sentimentality smart a little.
It's ok. I'm moving on. I'm even going to make a support group and website all about it. (Jaykay. Nothing to see here. Move along kids.)
Then I put something up for you that I thought you might like. Go see it--> !!!
Love you, Dear.
I was an unfaithful co-author, but I remain your most faithful reader.
And in my heart and in my mouth
I am still crooked.

And I can still stealthily read your drafts...!! Perk perk!


Blogger Florence said...

So touching!! Are you dying? (Please don't be dying, it's only a jaykay.)
I secretly hoped you would be super angry that I moved everything around and evicted you. But you aren't. Hm. I'll have to think of more dramas to get your attention.

2/04/2008 9:03 AM  

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