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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Glad backwards spells Dalg

Today I am in an eager mood. Better than eager though, I feel productive, which is not actually something that I feel often these days. It's been sort of difficult to manage to feel happy and inspired about the sort of things that I just NEED to do to stay on top of work (or...somewhere in the middle of it) recently, so to have an enthusiasm for the things above and beyond that is sort of rare for me. Right now, I have an actual desire, and the TIME, to do some of the things that I've been putting off for a long time. For example, laundry. Between traveling and getting sick and running out the door on follow up appointments and running up the stairs to the office for some emergency work times, there was a surprising amount of love that appeared in my room now and then in the form of laundry that was transformed from the pile that I had previously been familiar with (somewhat rumpled and in need of a good wash-wash) into a nice squeaky (what fun squeaky clothes would be!) clean pile in some central area of my room. As much as this makes me sound like a very neglectful person, I cannot prize my dignity above my unerring desire to thank this special angel of laundry-washing. Thanks, you!!
Now I have this fun fun sort of feeling deep in my belly. I think, number one, my room is empty of people for the next few days, with the exception of the person that is me. I also think that this happy feeling has been partially contributed to by the fact that it is quite cool today. It was so cool last night that when I went to bed I thought ahead (subtle rhyme, made less subtle by the fact that I've just pointed it out to you. HA! I am quite clever.) and brought another blanket, which gave me a NICE blanketty kind of sleep, something I have been wanting for a while. Also, this morning, since it was still chilly, I got to wear a hoodie for a FEW minutes, which made me glad.
Other small happinesses include:
I have knocked off about 15 PMA assignments in the last 4 days. Now, if you knew how far behind I was and how much strugglation I've been experiencing, you would ALSO be rejoicing.
A sweet girl that I met only in July just became a General Member, and this makes me GLAD as the moon is round.
I have not often had new clothes recently, and just got some! Yay! (Super boring sentence)
I am still as busy as ever, but feeling less so. It must be Jesus, perhaps I am over the hump and now going "Whoooppeee" down the hill, like the little train that did.
My Word times lately have been QUITE good, and this is something that I was struggling with because of how many Word times I've had to take on trains and at 12:00 at night and while waiting in the car, etc. Jesus makes me so happy.
And I am done and dusted and back to work. (I do this whole parenthesis thing too much.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are feeling better, and getting on top of the PMA assignments. Thanks for the Power point help too and all the other ways you are a blessing.

9/10/2008 9:50 PM  

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