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Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is the real birthday post that yesterday's was meant to be sort of satirically referring to. For those unfortunate friends who visited my blog yesterday hoping for a birthday post and saw only a narcissistic reference to myself and my useless blog...consider yourselves the object of a vaguely humorous joke.

Aika, I've written you a birthday post before, and don't want to get lost in that dark alley of love again. So here's a sweet little "hurrah" for you. Be satisfied with the knowledge that I did a little cyber "kaching" and a little dance across the keyboard on your 19th birthday. I miss you.
Nozo, you have been a wonderful partner in some of my most difficult ventures. I think you're the sort of person that can't help but eventually become everybody's best friend because of how wonderful and sweet you are. Let's get friendlier, you and I!! Happy happy happy birthday!


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