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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phone Chronicles

Since my phone decided to turn off and never recharge last month, I've been trying to negotiate getting it to the Softbank store to turn it in for repairs. It's funny though, losing my phone was sort of more of a relief for me than a wild panic. No more worrying about running out of batteries, no more watching the clock to see if it's past 9, no more people who call me "just cause" when I'm in the middle of work hours, and no more real serious obligation to call anyone. I thought I'd really quickly get addicted to my phone, kind of like I don't go very often without signing into Skype or checking my email, but I seem to be relatively detached from this phone business, which is a pleasant surprise.
I've always hated talking on the phone. And as far as work goes, sometimes it's nice to send off an email and have a few relaxed hours before you get a reply that puts you back into panic again...no?
Anyway, finally today, I got a temporary replacement. My temporary replacement is a bright, reflective, PURPLE. Possibly the gayest color purple you can imagine. Behold, the things Google can find for you.

Not only is my phone a pale purple--it's DISCO purple. It reflects colors...and it sparkles and shines. It's so shiny and nuts, in fact, that I almost feel like I could pick up my phone and have a conversation with Uncle Jim.
There are some annoying things though, about having a temporary phone. First thing is that it's all scratched up and clearly been mashed up against the face of many Softbank users before me, and they probably had swine flu.
Second thing is that, I open up my phone and have a zillion missed calls but can't tell who on earth any of them are since they're all just numbers and no names. I wish I could call you back...but I'm afraid I don't know whose number is what. HELP. Aggggh the frightful power of technology to swallow up a bunch of what used to be names of people that I knew and spit out a bunch of numbers.


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