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Monday, August 22, 2005

The truth

I tried being super honest with someone today.
You know how, you say things...but if you think about them, you know you know that that's not the ACTUAL reason, or that's not the ENTIRE truth. That's just what you've deluded yourself into thinking is the truth. Usually it's a pampered version of the truth...or a politically correct version of some inate selfishness.
So today I tried being totally unshackled. Free to actually THINK before I answered questions. I walked down the road of reasoning and traced everything down to its actual reason. I delivered such answers as:
"Yeah, well...basically I'm in it for me."
"What can I say, I'm horny." and
"I have an inferiority complex." (GASP, god forbid!!!)

It didn't feel SUPER cool. Like, I was expecting some awesome release. Some euphoric feeling that you get from finally telling the whole truth. Being unburdened, unshackled, as they say.

Basically, I don't feel so much different. If anything...I feel kind of worried.


Anonymous perfect circle said...

some things are better left unsaid

8/23/2005 1:10 AM  
Blogger crazynik said...

Thats what happens when you lie to yourself for long enough

8/23/2005 2:18 AM  
Anonymous lil said...

haha you can still say the whole truth if you just limit what you say. I get a kick out of people who are ocmpletely honest..specially when they say yeah Im just in in for me. That's teh best line ever and I can totally understand.
Well good luck being truthful and..horny ;)

8/23/2005 7:51 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Yes, PC, but it's fun to say the things that are better left unsaid. Especially if they don't bother anyone but you.
Crazynik, I don't know anyone who doesn't lie to themselves about SOMETHING.
Lil, haha...I like you. Sadly, I'm not ALWAYS just in it for me. I shocked myself that once.

8/23/2005 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who, why is it that the last nine blogs here were by you??

like ease up and give elaina a chance.



rock on

8/23/2005 1:38 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

It's no fault of Florence's, she was only holding the fort...while I was on a mini-strike.
Well, I'm back now. Honestly didn't think anyone would notice.

8/23/2005 2:57 PM  
Anonymous perfect circle said...

looks like you got a avid fan elaina...what a suprise

8/23/2005 9:49 PM  
Anonymous batterie said...

That's teh best line ever and I can totally understand.

11/08/2010 10:15 PM  
Anonymous labatterie said...

I shocked myself that once.

11/08/2010 10:16 PM  
Anonymous r4 ds said...

I'm not ALWAYS just in it for me.

11/08/2010 10:16 PM  

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