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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I came...I saw...I clicked

I've been a little topsy-turvy health-wise the last few days, and today is my freeday. So I'm takin' it easy, having some word time and listening to some KEY PROMISE SONGS!!! (YEAH!!! Gotta love'em!) I've already memorized one blessed Dave Blossom creation, and I'm moving onto another. Hurrah for quick progress.
Just in case you thought this was going to turn into a post about my day, you were wrong! So wrong!
I'm getting a computer installed in my room until I get in my new fangdangled laptop. PTL, that increases my productivity rate. It will probably also increase time-spent-in-room, which will probably have a healthy effect on the cleanliness rate of my room as well. I could go down the list of how having a computer will affect all areas of my life, but I won't, because I know that would make for a seriously boring blog post! Ha, look how clever I am! Elaina, aren't you so glad that you blog with me and not...someone else?
Basically, the forthcoming moral of this post is that, through the eyes of love, aka romans 8:28 glasses...life is looking purty peachy!!!

I think FDTP is starting in about a month. AM I READY? AM I READY???


Anonymous nina said...

Wow, cool, u both posted on the same day. Is this historic, or what?

And Flo, I agree on the key promise songs -- makes for painless memorizing, that's for sure!

4/27/2007 12:26 AM  

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