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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Whistling man

Yesterday a guy came up to me on the street and stood by for a couple minutes as I was witnessing to a few girls. When I was done, he walked up to me. I smiled at him and said hello, and he silently starts uncrumpling this piece of paper that he's holding in his fist. He lifts up this crinkled paper to my face and it says in baaaad hiragana
"Kuchibue" (whistling)
I looked at it and read it out loud and looked at him and then looked at it again and there was a sort of awkward silence. Not awkward for him maybe. And then he says,
"Yatte" (do it)
Like. WHOA. One of my biggest fantasies come to life in central Makuhari!
I laughed a demure and sophisticated laugh and said "Ahhh I can't!"
Which is true!!!
Anyway. He stared at me real disappointed and skeptical like for a few seconds, and then he slinked off.
It was a mystifying experience.


Anonymous Babylove said...

Flo, that was one of the best posts on this site in awhile, I love it when those kinda things happen. Get this a few days ago I'm riding my fat self along on a bike (against the midwife's rules) and this guy walking his dog, wearing his wife's tiny slippers & with his grungy "Yakuza" pjs and as I'm waiting at a light he actually walks right up to me & whistles & stares at me the whole time I ride past him. I had to actually roll my eye balls till they got stuck in the back of my head.

Sometimes Japanese do surprise you!!

8/27/2007 5:16 PM  

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