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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Tissue Test

<---Exhibit A
Exhibit B --->

The BIG Question:
When a suffering cold-victim requests TISSUE, you bring...
1) Exhibit A
2) Exhibit B


Anonymous steve said...


2/13/2008 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

totally B

2/13/2008 9:50 AM  
Blogger Elena said...

B? ehehe!

2/14/2008 11:33 AM  
Anonymous win said...

A, unless they're yelling out from inside the toilet.

2/14/2008 12:26 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

Good point, Win. It takes some quick thinking to understand what people want these days. Heh.

2/14/2008 12:47 PM  
Blogger Neo said...

B!!!! You need that much!

2/15/2008 10:11 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

A. Unless the cold victim is willing to endure chaffed skin on their noses.

2/18/2008 1:03 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

Amen, Dave!!! That's the vision!!

2/18/2008 1:17 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

All hardcore ex-Shizites know that "tissue" is plainly exhibit B.

2/19/2008 10:56 PM  
Anonymous win said...

This is true, E, until they move to Bayside.

2/21/2008 10:40 PM  
Blogger Florence said...

Or unless they had a traumatizing experience at age 11 getting corrected by an Aussie visitor to whom exhibit B was offered.

2/21/2008 10:49 PM  

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