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Friday, March 06, 2009

An aimless ramble on time and the internets

A recurring issue in our Home Councils these days is internet use. Not that we have any serious internet-addicts in our home, but we're just etching out our collective home standard since we're a relatively new team. So because of all this discussion I started thinking about ways to filter my internet use through a serious system that I can actually schedule, log, and get a grip on.
I usually just sort of write most of my internet use off to the fact that I use the computer for most things that I do. I leave myself signed in all day because of the various people that are trying to get in contact with me (or that I'm trying to get in contact with) for work reasons. Also, a lot of the communication and delegating that I do in the Office is very intertwined with the internet. I use the internet for research for lay-out and music ideas and reference material...
Thank you Jesus for the Internet. Sigh.
So basically, I started doing the RSS feeds and finding ways for the internet to come to ME rather than me going to IT when there's something it wants me to see. So now I get my e-mails, task reminders, viagra adverts, and blog posts, all to the same place. I can mix business with pleasure!!
I've begun to take little notes in the margins of my planner (next to exercise, prayer vigil, prophecy time, and room cleaning check boxes) of how many minutes I spend recreationally using the Internet. The difficult thing about this method of tallying is that sometimes I am doing an aim-filled thing and an aim-less thing at the same time--like chatting in one window and writing messages in another. I have decided to count these minutes as half minutes. (So when I am chatting with you, feel free to consider me half a person.)
To keep a good and fair perspective, I hope that one day I can also tally all the minutes of good progress-oriented things that I do. Like, why do we always go to such lengths to try to figure out the minutes we're wasting, and no one bothers keeping track of the minutes we're seriously investing? THINK ABOUT IT. YOU probably do this. Sort of equivalent to writing a to-do list and throwing away the ones that are completed. What is this interesting way of thinking?
Once again, I have gone and created more work for myself.


Blogger Lil said...

http://www.rescuetime.com try that one :) Also congrats to my little bro and cha and dan who Im waiting to see the awesome results :)

3/07/2009 6:20 AM  
Blogger Florence said...

Whoa, I like it!!

3/07/2009 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

way too much florence......................that's it: GIVE ME THE INTERNET. right now! put it in my hand! i'm sorry but that is just overboard and.........

u hear that everyone? --no internet! from now on............ and u have FLORENCE to thank.

3/08/2009 2:10 AM  
Anonymous Joans said...


This post was inspiring and convicting.

3/08/2009 12:39 PM  

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