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Monday, February 09, 2009

"My Home" part 1

Tonight, I will double-post. Because I am in the mood and I do not care that it throws off my nice "one post every three or so days" thing I've got going.
This post has been a long time in coming. Actually, if we're being honest (which, to be honest, we aren't always. Honestly.) this post has been a long time in decidedly not coming and then only just today I have decided to let it come and let the chips fall where they may. As much as some of my home members probably won't take to the idea of being on the "Internets," I am going to do this because of how much I love my them. Hey, if Mama and Peter can do it...(also, all those smiley people in India.)

Allow me to introduce to you the smiling and happy people that are the PC home. Forget trying to figure out who is married to who and whose kids are whose, because, as someone pointed out, we are all sitting sort of in and within each other and no one is standing with the "right" people. Which is quite beautiful, actually. Oh ho ho check this out...look at the people who are sitting with each other and imagine them as a couple. It's quite funny. Hahahahahaha...okay I'll stop laughing.
The only person missing from this photo is David Stine (usually reffered to as "McLovin" or "Schtein", God knows why). I wish he was in this picture, it would make everything that much sweeter if we got to see his sweet smile.

...His sweet eyeballs, I guess, are just as good. (You're welcome, Ambie.)
So here is some trivial information about my home. We have a massive TV (I don't know why that's the first thing that came to mind) and a pretty big dining room that also doubles as a living room...pretty much just the central "aorta" of the house. One annoying thing about it is that the house is quite old (was all fixed up on the inside by some shady workmen who did a sloppy job a few years back) and the main room is the result of the knocking down of some old paper doors and things, so there are large square poles/beams/columns in various sporadic places. Quite pesty. Our house is very much too small, too old, and too ugly for all of us lots of pretty people, and so we are looking for a new house. Like, seriously. Mostly because we (being a service home) are going to move in with another service home to create one large service home (check it out, little bits of math in action!) and we'll need space for like 40 some people. Exciting things!
Most of us like to play various kinds of sports, which is something that is sort of new for me, but I am starting to get into. Mostly basketball, although there are some hardcore soccer players (and VERY few baseball players, thank God) among us. Today we played basketball at an outside court, and Gabe (the monstrocity that is my brother) came to play with us and make our skillz seem pale in comparison to his. It actually was snowing for a bit, but we warmed right up.
Another hobby that most everyone seems to have in common is Age of Empires, otherwise known as AOE, which they sometimes play as a recreational "bonding" activity, with everyone's computers all hooked up to play multiplayer. It is very interesting, but not interesting enough for me to want to get involved (mostly because I suck at computer games. Or anything that involves strategy, for that matter. My brain is sort of, shall we say, nuts.)
I have not finished talking about my home yet.


Anonymous BladeMaster said...

Awsome. I wanted to mulitplayer 40k with the home as a bonding activity, definitly out of the box.

2/10/2009 12:41 AM  
Anonymous hi said...

although it's kinda obvious who's your mom...

2/10/2009 7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heeey... Nice pic of ur HOME!!! wooo-hooo!


2/10/2009 8:24 PM  
Anonymous Ambie said...

Awww its my baby brother. Thanks for posting. I never get to see pictures of him..
I miss you Dave!

2/14/2009 5:00 PM  
Blogger Sun said...

I have to visit your home...i know!

2/15/2009 2:12 AM  
Anonymous Aich said...

Wow. For once a home group shot has decent lighting.
Looks like someone actually gave it a second thot.

2/15/2009 3:03 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

It is nice to see recent pictures of you and your folks. It has been way too long...

3/16/2009 12:41 AM  

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