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Thursday, February 05, 2009


I would give kisses (if I could) to all the maximizing breakfast cooks around the world who actually bother to set out something more than boiled eggs for their tired schlepping home members. (Schlepp is the combined sounds of slippers and long pajama pants being slowly dragged over the floor.) This morning I woke up and there were these buns in abundance that had sort of a rugged Ingalls taste and texture about them. I was so happy to eat them with my delicious fried egg and bacon and tea that I actually stayed perky all throughout devotions. My day, having thus disembarked, fast became better and better with the discovery that my MP3 player had decided to work after a several-month hiatus, and also an invigorating prayer morning that I was able to lead and thus managed to stay awake and alive during. (It's not that these are boring activities, friends. I'm just extremely sleepy these days!)
I went out to Cocos with my dear farewelling roommate and had a parfait and tons and tons of coffees. Which was also hugely fun and not something I do all the time. I actually took strange and artistic photos with my phone. But they are mostly food photos, and you've probably seen better photos of the same food on a Cocos menu.
I took a bunch of photos of Ko-kun (our own Down's syndrome boy) because I was amazed at how occupied it kept him during my afternoon childcare slot. We also read lots of MLKs and HLs in Japanese which was fun for me.
The evening definitely took the cake though (neck-and-neck with the breakfast buns), because we all scurried out to the gym right after dinner to play some basketball. Being as I have played basketball a total of 2 times in my life, I was thrilled to notice that I was not altogether dysfunctional and my capabilities to hurl the ball in the right direction have greatly improved since the last time I attempted it. I am now actually pretending to be engaged in full-fledged games with other people who play basketball, and am enjoying immensely trying not to think about how I am doing nothing but getting in others' way.
And my day went down like so, and I am very full of feelings of love. I wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow.


Anonymous Emi said...

As per your specific instructions i am leaving a comment so you no longer think i'm a "creepy stumblo no commento type of person". Yay.

2/07/2009 1:24 PM  

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