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Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Frog

This might seem like sort of a boring topic for a blog post to some. And...agreed, but it's giving me something to think about right now. It's sort of like these next few minutes of typing COULD actually bring me to an answer that I can buy myself off with, so haul along.
Someone recently asked me what "category" my blog fell under. Of course, I didn't understand the question either until he said something like, "You know, some blogs are kiddy/parent blogs, some are food blogs, music blogs, witnessing blogs, every-day-life-in-the-family blogs, hobby blogs..." And like you, I got the picture.
I WONDER. I never tried to pigeon-hole the blog before.
It feels more just like a representation of myself than a column, first of all. Like a window that I can stand at and wave and say "hi"; I didn't really feel like the blog needed a theme any more than my life did, really. But then he asked me, "Is it kind of a writing exercise?" and I scrunched up my nose. I don't know if it looked very scrunched, but it felt scrunched, on the inside.
Maybe it is a writing exercise. I don't know how much I have actual conscious thoughts of trying to make my "writing skills" BETTER, really. I don't intend to write a book or anything anytime soon... And my songs...well, I don't think they're gonna get much better than they are at this point...it's usually just some kind of hit-and-miss with the melodies and lyrics, nothing I've ever been very good at grunting out.
So, no, not a writing exercise. A bit of writing PLAY, maybe. My own private little sandbox! For making mud pies of the mind!! There are sometimes things that come into my head that feel like they'd make more sense on paper (or, in this case, on cute little white blog interface). Some things that I would sometimes refer to in my head because of how much more sense they made when I managed to fit them like too much luggage into a suitcase.
SO THERE. That's what it is. THAT is the conclusion that this retarded brain took (scrolling up to count...) 5 paragraphs to get to. Weep for me, I really am handicapped.
Only slightly related tangent: In a matter of about 5 or so posts, this blog will have hit its 500 posts mark. How nut-nuts is that?


Blogger Tina said...

Gotta agree with you there. Some blogs are just a good mix of everything... like people. :)

2/22/2009 6:07 AM  

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