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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Powers of Love

(Michelle and Layla Fighting over a fluffy purple pen of Florence's.)
Michelle: Did you know, Layla, that pen really actually has no magical powers? It's not very good for much. Please give it to me.
Layla: But I don't NEED powers. So it's okay, I will keep it.
Michelle: Oh, but...actually it does have lots of powers. And I need powers because I don't have powers. So please can I have it, please Layla? (Please spoken in the sort of tone that doesn't really denote "please" but something more like, "I have said please, and PLEASE is the magic word, and if you don't give it to me, Florence will MAKE YOU because I have said PLEASE and that is the LAST time I will say it!!")
Layla: Oh. You don't have powers? That's too bad, Michelle. Jesus gave me lots of powers. Jesus gave me the powers to go witnessing, and everywhere I go, I want to witness!
Michelle: Yes, actually something like that happened to me too. Jesus gave powers to my doll, and the doll gave the powers to me.
Layla: Well what kind of powers do you have?
Michelle: Um. The powers of the keys.
Layla: HA! Well I also have the powers of LOVE.
Michelle: Uh...yes, Layla. I have those too. And so does Florence. EVERYONE has the powers of love.
Layla: Yes, but I have more powers. I have all the powers in Heaven AND in Earth.
Michelle: Okay, that's just stupid, Layla. That's just stupid because you can't have ALL the powers. My Mommy and Daddy and Grandpa and Auntie Florence and Uncle Dan have powers too, okay!!
Layla (a little perplexed): Yes...that's right...but...I have MOST of them.
Michelle: Layla. You're just silly. Please let me hold the pen just for a few minutes.
Layla: Okay.
(I think someone's going to have to explain that whole concept to Layla soon because she seems very sad as though she has somehow lost the power that she thought she had.)


Blogger Babylove said...

yesterday when we were at traffic park with those ladies, something told me that they had a "special" sort of friendship!! The Capricorn & the Pieces ladies. Sigh.

3/11/2009 2:33 PM  
Blogger Chacha said...

hahahaha! that's so cute. I love little girls, I wanna have one!

3/11/2009 11:17 PM  
Blogger Sun said...

We never be able to understand what's going on in kids minds and what makes sence to them...ha. But they have power to understand what others saying somehow...and they are so cute and funny.

3/11/2009 11:30 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

I just realized that although this exchange sounds pretty run-of-the-mill to me, it's actually pretty bizarre...
I get a little shocked now and again that I'm the mother of someone so wild and wonderful.

3/16/2009 6:40 PM  
Blogger Elaina said...

Maybe I should clarify that I've never heard THIS particular conversation before between them, and when I said "run-of-the-mill" what I really meant was run-of-the-mill-crazy.
(Just in case anyone thinks I encourage "powers of purple love and keys" as legitimate negotiating tactics between 4/5 year olds)

3/16/2009 6:45 PM  

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