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Friday, August 07, 2009

Little people in a big empty house

So there is a second or two before my body shuts down and all is hurled into a world of unconsciousness, for me to tell you, my friends, that things are shaping up here in the house on Dragon's Cape (Yes, that is the name of the city where we live, and no it is NOT a good idea for a Home name.)
We have an internet connection, my room has been entirely setup and I even have one more monitor than I did before we moved. All is somewhat...dare I say it...peaceful. My phone perished again the day we got here, so things are somewhat quiet. The days are long and fulfilling. I have done more washing than is good for my hands, and more taking-care-of-kids than is good for my "Childcare is not my calling" reputation. People are trying to convince me that I am good with the kids, and I'm trying to find the right balance between keeping them from actually thinking so, and being thankful for the compliment.
I had to send off a few orders when we got here, and I realized how many different tiny things all come together in this tedious process. Where is the stapler? Where is the printer cable? Where is the Activate Japan stamp? Where is the paper cutter? Where is the piece of paper that tells us how much shipping to Hokkaido costs? Where is my mind?
I am looking forward to having lots of people to fill up this huge clean house of ours.
Over and out.


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