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Saturday, August 08, 2009

More informations about Ryugasaki

All is well in the house. Stephen and Rejoice have come to join us, and Mom moved in last night, so that bumps our team up to 9 plus 2 kiddies. A small team in a big house with so much to be done. It's quite fun, because it means getting lost in mammoth JJTs, which is better than being lost in mammoth groups of people, or groups of mammoths.
Our first visitor is coming to spend the night tonight. This is exciting. I will prepare our "visitor room," even though there are tons of empty rooms that she could stay in.
I will go explore the territory soon. So far the immediate terrain is looking good. A nearby supermarket, real close 7-11s in every direction--parks, post office, and police station (?) all within a stones' throw. Also, the train station is only about a 15-20 minute walk, and there's a 100 yen bus that takes you right to the house. There is a Gusto about a 10 minute walk away which I have not yet been to, but have seen on 2D on Navitime.
But I miss my friends. I feel far away.


Blogger Sun said...

Good to know! Sound pretty nice! No worry, i will visit you sometime!

8/15/2009 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Lola said...

Flo tell us when we can come check the place out! I'll drive over a bunch of us Nodaites! Love you! xoxo

p.s: hopefully sometime before September :)

8/19/2009 1:56 PM  

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