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Friday, September 09, 2005


I have just returned from a camp wherein I shepherded gaggles of godly OCs.
It was glorious.
And I have no strength to write about it, and I doubt that I will.
But yo, it was good.
And I feel nice and fuzzy.

I'm back though. Yeah, that's about it.


Blogger ambie said...

Glad you had fun, Joey came back speaking Japanese to me, showed me his badge for out goingness, that was a shocker! I see some good from this camp already Yay!

9/09/2005 8:08 PM  
Blogger crazynik said...

Welcome back
Missed your blogging

9/09/2005 8:22 PM  
Anonymous masa said...

GOD BLESS YOU FLORENCE... may the force be with you.

9/09/2005 10:57 PM  

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