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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's those durned things

I got it.
It's too many messages.
I've written one too many politically correct messages with a "GBY! I hope and pray that you and your home are having an inspiring time preparing for the witnessing offensive!" opening paragraph. It's the place that creativity goes to die.
I wish I could write an all-homes message in free verse. Or like...rap. Or like, a Shakespearean sonnet. Something.
I'm totally at peace while I'm writing them, though. Like, there's nothing that comes more naturally. Sometimes I get a little too poetic and put in a sentence like "Obviously the idea of following this little white rabbit does not thrill us through and through," and have to change it to "It doesn't seem like a very good idea to us." Or like "Clearly, this man is suffering from a wicked blow to the genitals, or the head (don't touch the joke, it hasn't washed in days)" to "There must have been a misunderstanding somewhere." I actually managed to sneak by with a "It's almost as if we're looking for a spoon that we all know doesn't exist" in a message the other day.
But in general it's great.


Anonymous Jules said...

I totally feel you there!

Someone should start a secret society blog where people post original opening paragraphs for those "GBY, WLY" type of letters.

Some days you really want to go with something other than the usual "We hope and pray that our Husband is doing miracles for you in these exciting days of change and progress as we fight together to win the world for our Husband who is so faithful to give so many promises about the exciting days ahead!"

8/31/2007 5:28 AM  

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